festive chocolates


every year, my mom and I would pick out Godiva chocolate bars for my teachers, the mailman, our yard man and anyone else who we felt deserved a small “we’ve thought of you this Christmas” gift. ¬†wouldn’t these fancy chocolate bars from Mast Brothers be a perfect twist on tradition? ¬†the packaging is so festive.

{from old faithful shop}


6 Responses to “festive chocolates”

  1. Brittany said:

    cute! i especially love the little anchors. and i wonder what smoke tastes like? intriguing.

  2. Susan Hazel said:

    I love Mast Brothers and they’re so cute for the holidays because they’re always wrapped in the best paper.

  3. Kathleen said:

    I love their cranberry chocolate bar…and the packaging is perfect. I love the feel of the paper and it almost tempts me to slow down when opening to appreciate the care they put into their product. Great gifts!