pinned vintage map

vintage map

I’ve said it before, but I love maps.  I could just stare at a map forever and look at how the roads converge and where the cities meet.  I love the idea of a pinned map – especially now that we have Wolf.  how fun would it be for him to look back at a map years from now and see the pinned places we’ve taken him and what year we went?  genius.

this vintage beauty is from Sit & Read.

{thanks for the tip on sit & read, Casey!  SUCH a great shop}


5 Responses to “pinned vintage map”

  1. Brittany said:

    what a cool map! i love looking at them, too. my roommate and i found a cool map our freshman year of college and we had fun imagining the places we’d go.

  2. natalie said:

    That is the most beautiful map ever! Great store too…

  3. missy said:

    My uncle and his family religiously color in a lined map of the US where they’ve been. He got me one years ago so I’ve been doing it too. It’s really cool looking. Unfortunately I found out they dont make the lined map that we used to buy : ( I’m on the hunt for a lined world map to color in. You’ve probably seen the scratch off once which is also pretty sweet!