a few wants for my closet


a few things I want to add to my closet.  {not the imaginary one – the real one!}

1. an oversized white button down
2. a long, whispy earth toned skirt
3. chunky, cable knit sweaters
4. a watch
5. skinny black pants

{images and more inspiration here}



5 Responses to “a few wants for my closet”

  1. Brittany said:

    love this! ruche has a lot of skirts similar to that. i want a big, chunky watch that i can layer with other bracelets. let us know where you end up finding your watch. i never know where to look!

  2. erica said:

    if you find the perfect oversized button-down shirt, please let us know! i’m on the hunt, too.

  3. evencleveland said:

    These are all on my list, too. The watch is a poser … so hard to find something great without breaking the bank.

  4. bec said:

    i would love the earthy coloured maxi. i am on the look out for one.

  5. Julie said:

    I LOVE all 4 – please do tell where you find them!!