bookhou at home

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I love the space inhabited by John and Arounna of Bookhou at Home.  so bright and vibrant and filled with lovely vintage decor.

{from the latest issue of covet magazine}


7 Responses to “bookhou at home”

  1. Marie-H said:

    Thank you for posting this! I love their work in their etsy shop, it’s very interesting to see their home space.

  2. Taylor said:

    Really like the dark walls in the second photo

  3. elissa said:

    what an amazing space. perfect balance of old and new.

  4. arounna said:

    thanks so much for mentioning us on your blog
    glad you like our space

  5. Virginia Plunkett said:

    I love the chalkboard so much! I’m in the process of creating my own kitchen chalkboard and am always looking for inspiration! Love your blog!

  6. Anne said:

    what a beautiful space! and good inspiration.