current obsession…


my mind has constantly been on cabins and finding a little hideaway in the woods.  dlb tells me I’m in cabin utopia.  so naturally, my lately haunt has been cabin porn.  {such a great blog name, right?!}


14 Responses to “current obsession…”

  1. sylvi said:

    my survival instincts tell me not to click that link…

  2. Brittany said:

    wow. when i’m feeling stressed or can’t go to sleep at night, i plan my dream house. this sounds like a website that would help my pasttime.

  3. Jules said:

    Hey, where is this cabin? It’s fantastic. I built one in my woods in Normandy: see it in the snow on mindyourmanoirs.wordpress.com

    Am now obsessed with cabins. Swedish cabins. On the Archipelago.

  4. natalie said:

    You and me both. I’ve been trying to find the perfect winter getaway cabin and it’s seemingly impossible.

  5. leavesofgrass said:

    beautiful, and the blog is so nice. all of the cabins look so mystical and unreal.

  6. Anne said:

    you weren’t kidding about being obsessed with cabins in the woods! i still can’t get that little one i posted about out of my head. let’s make this happen somehow!!!

  7. Suzanne said:

    Yes to all of it!

    And thank you for providing me yet another way to kiss my free time “goodbye”.

  8. Rusty said:

    Love these photos. I’ve been reading Roger Deakin’s Wildwood, which has got me craving some cabin time.

  9. ruji said:

    WOWZERS! thanks so much for posting this!!!

  10. karelys said:

    This is so sweet! I just caught up on A CUP OF JO’s weekend blog and found this.

    coincidentally this weekend our friends took us up to their cabin in the mountains.

    it was fantastic.

    i was expencting a wooden box and to freeze all night. but instead it was cozy, toasty, full of blankets and amazing rustic decor.

    outside we had feet upon feet of snow but we hottubed it away nonetheless and made smores with a huge bonfire.

    we did some snowsledding and the girls got mad at their husbands and snuggled up (all three) in one bed while the men sipped their whiskey, pepsi and milk (that last one was my husband).

    it was awesome waking up to a beautiful panorama (our bed was by the window. HUGE curtainless window).