hello 2012…


you’re already off to a great start.

this year I’ve decided to actually make resolutions.  often I come up with a little list of goals for myself upon the new year and then soon forget them or revert back to my old ways.  but something about the dawning of a new year really got me.  my life until now has been pretty darn amazing but as I see it – the best is yet to come.  I’m extremely grateful for everything and everyone in my life and I’m excited to continue to prosper and grow.  here’s a few of my resolutions:

be nicer to the world.  sometimes I can be quite bitter.  the way I see it is, we only have so many days on this earth, why not live them happily and to the fullest?
develop a new routine.  the gym, getting up early, crafting, healthy eating… what ever it might be, just pick it and stick to it.

happy new year friends!  what are some of your resolutions?

{photo from alicia bock}


8 Responses to “hello 2012…”

  1. Amy Nieto said:

    You know which neighbor to call when you feel the need to be crafty. *hint hint*

    I have not written down any resolutions, or lessons I learned in 2011. I seriously feel I matured 10 years in the span of 6 months and am so grateful for it.

    I do wish- nay NEED- to wake up earlier this year. I need to train for a certain ridiculous cross country trip. Oh boy.

  2. debbie said:

    i can think of a resolution, come to more knit nights! ;)

  3. Taylor said:

    i really like that picture. i’m planning on finding more of a work/life balance… this fall was much too much work. so i’m going to let go of the feelings of guilt and know that i’ll be more successful in my career if i take time for myself… doing yoga, knitting, and cooking more

  4. Nome said:

    That sounds like a great plan! I’m not big on resolutions either, but this year feels a lot different. I guess off the top of my head, I want to refine my closet to the absolute essentials, work harder, paint, walk more, drink more water, and start taking a daily multi-vitamin. .. It’s so nice how optimistic everyone is. Good luck!

  5. sallymae said:

    Mine is to focus on my new baby and family…and somehow still work on my personal goals, stay healthy, and be creative. And be nicer…and learn how to take a compliment…and think before I speak so I don’t regret things that I say after I say them. I think that’s pretty much it. :) Happy 2012!

  6. dave tuttle said:

    i like the whole getting up earlier thing.
    but it’s just so cold and dark outside.
    and my bed is so warm. this is going to be a tough one.

  7. Rebecca said:

    I have many of the same resolutions. I am going to really try and be more kind in my life. To others, but especially to myself! That can be the hardest thing sometimes!

  8. Suzanne said:

    I’m starting my second company this month so my dream is becoming reality. My other resolution is to make my life even more simpler, happier and healtier. Trying to live my best life.