my kind of birthday cake


before you ask – no, today is not my birthday.  but it’s coming up later this month and it’s a big one.  the first into a new decade.  I’m convinced that the best is yet to come so I’m embracing it with open arms.

every year, dlb and I bake a cake for each other’s birthday.  last year it was a simple vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for me and carrot cake for him.  the other day he asked me what kind of cake I’d like so my mind has been swirling with ideas.  I’m all about a big cake, puffed to the max with sugar and cream, but I though I’d attempt to find something a little healthier.  {couldn’t hurt, right?}  I love the looks of these cakes from Roost, especially that Almond & Cherry Upside Down Cake.

what’s your favorite kind of cake?

{images from Roost}


15 Responses to “my kind of birthday cake”

  1. em said:

    The boy and i make each other a cake each year for our birthdays. Last week i made him a cherry and almond cake based on the waitrose cherry and almond marble loaf. id like to say we favoured it but we ate it fast.
    I’ve requested a pain ou chocolate for my birthday next week as we’re in the alps for it. im mighty excited for that pastry. xo

  2. celia said:

    you bake each other cakes? that’s probably the cutest thing i’ve ever heard.

    my fave is tres leches, but joe hates it. bummer.

  3. ethanollie said:

    i think birthdays are a good time to splurge, but that said, anything from Roost is bound to be healthy and delish…i love a good classic spice cake with cream cheese frosting. and one of my faves is a white pepper and ginger lemon cake.

  4. Jaime Rugh said:

    That cherry almond one looks delicious- makes me want to run out to the market right now for cherries:)

  5. indreams said:

    i’m pretty much a double-chocolate cake kinda girl, and i’ve been doing cupcakes instead of full cakes for a while. i think for my next birthday (a new decade for me, too) i’m going to have to go big, though. :)

  6. apricots+silk said:

    I love cakes. They’re so simple and cute.
    How exciting to have your birthday coming up so soon!
    My favourite cake is those delicious perfectly moist coconut layer cakes. Always good. Or raspberry with fluffy whipped frosting.

  7. nicole b. said:

    I love all cakes (and pies!)… I guess I’d say my favorite cake is Italian cream. (Which is my dad’s favorite, too.) xo.

  8. gia said:

    I like chocolate, coconut and anything with a ton of lemon, but sometimes I like things like pot de creme of lemon.. or chocolate mousse. And there is a chocolate mousse recipe floating around the internet with just water and chocolate that looks amazing. :)