whiskey by the fire

whiskey looking up at the stars

to further fuel my cabin obsession {and yours, too, apparently} I put together inspiration for a romantic forest getaway for Jen of Honey & Kennedy blog, including staring at the stars and whiskey by the fire.  go look!


{photo by henrik kettunen}


6 Responses to “whiskey by the fire”

  1. erica said:

    love that current elliott shirt! a getaway (to anywhere!) sounds nice right about now.

  2. Caitlin said:

    I want to pack up this all up and head to the hills right now! A cozy cabin in the woods with a roaring fire sounds perfect. So glad I found your blog can’t believe I’ve been missing out for so long!

  3. Shawnee said:

    oh wow! i’m in love with this.. winter camping? yes please!! xo

  4. katie said:

    glad to know you’ve been suffering from a cabin obsession, too! that website you linked to is incredible! i’ve been thinking about cabins for months… anyways, please enjoy your weekend and birthday! and find a cabin, eventually, for a little respite :)