aesa 3D hex ring


I’m currently obsessing over this hex ring from Aesa.  wouldn’t it make the prettiest engagement ring?

p.s.  women’s rings from Bradford

{photos from Una.  speaking of, have you seen their new space?  I’m dying to make a visit especially since I heard they carry Bobo Choses!}

22 Responses to “aesa 3D hex ring”

  1. erica said:

    beautiful new space! i love una, they’re so friendly and helpful. and oh, if only i could buy every single bobo choses piece! the popsicle onesie and how can i resist “les vacances de m. leon”??

  2. delia said:

    It would definitely make a beautiful engagement ring.

  3. Julie said:

    They’re beautiful, but those are pentagons… Just sayin’.

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    Absolutely fabulous. I didn’t see them on the website, did I totally miss it??

  5. Brittany said:

    love this! adding it to my collection of future engagement rings!

  6. cait said:

    WOw, beautiful! Can these be purchased anywhere online? I can’t find them. Sigh.