on the hunt


when we go for walks, whether it be a weekend stroll through the woods or a weekday trip to the farmers market, most often I’m carrying Wolf in the Ergo or the Moby.  I’ve been on the hunt for a cute multi-purpose backpack for such outings to carry all his stuff as well as my things too.  one main goal is that it should have pockets and spots to stash things without having to dig, dig, dig.  here’s a few that I’m eyeing.

one: herschel standard  /  two: makr round backpack  /  three:  sanqvist stig  /  four: herschel sydney  /  five: kelty daypack  /  six: bag ‘n’ noun napsack  /  seven: seil marschall mini canoe  /  eight:  herschel post  /  nine: kelty cycle hiker /  ten: goertzen summit pack

{psst!!  there’s a little sneak peek of the new look for UT above with a custom watercolor tag painted by Lauren of Spencer Studio.  dlb is furiously working on coding the look for the new site.  stay tuned!}


12 Responses to “on the hunt”

  1. erica said:

    oh yes, there’s nothing that drives me crazier than digging through a tote bag or back pack for things, especially with a fussy baby or cranky toddler!

    i have a basic duluth pack, but i need something that’s better organized.

  2. jaimie said:

    I’ve been wanting a backpack for school for a while, and inspired by your post I started looking around. You didn’t list it specifically, but I just found the Herschel Heritage bag on sale for only $35 at Nordstrom and ordered it. It’s a great deal with their free shipping and it looks like it’ll be a great bag.

  3. lauren said:

    love the sneak peek! ;)
    i can’t wait to see more!

  4. Brooke said:

    Wonderful choices! I just bought a bag from my friend’s shop, produced locally at Portland Garment Factory. The bag is amazing, I’m completely smitten:

    Good luck, bag shopping is so fun!

  5. emily said:

    i have a kelty daypack, and i wanted to jump in and say that while i love the look and quality, it is slightly wider at the bottom than at the top, and the “mouth” doesn’t open that wide. that can be troublesome if my water bottle flips horizontally, or if i’ve packed a weekend knapsack, i have trouble getting the clothes at the bottom. it’s hard to access sometimes, so for that reason, i wouldn’t recommend it for baby gear. great list, though!

  6. Casey said:

    I love all your finds! We did away with the diaper bag too and I have a backpack for all our outings. It’s cute and striped. :)

  7. Amy Nieto said:

    I can see you wearing either #5 or #8. They all look really cool.

  8. Kristen said:

    Don’t know if you’ve started doing back carry in the Ergo, but having a bike messenger style shoulder bag helps a lot as backpacks are not convenient when your back is being used. That’s how we roll over here. Plus, even when wearing Dax on my front, I can access my shoulder bag without taking it off!

  9. Kate said:

    I commute every day with a backpack similar to these and my one complaint is the belt-type strap closure! so annoying to get in and out of frequently! I’ve seen one out there with snaps– and it still looks cool. Good luck with your search!