pops of red in the kitchen

apron cuttingboards

I could easily say that red is my favorite color in the kitchen.  I have a bright red Kitchen Aid mixer, submersion blender and a few other red utensils.  this apron and cutting board would be nice additions.


5 Responses to “pops of red in the kitchen”

  1. debbie said:

    i have the red kitchen aid too, and a red tea kettle (that needs replacing badly though).

  2. Kasey said:

    I LOVE that apron. I’m with you on the red (my tea kettle is red!) but I also love yellow in the kitchen (my kitchenaid brings a sunny feel to the mostly dark kitchen).

  3. indreams said:

    wow, you never see cute aprons around! i think we need a toast here in north america, yes? :)

  4. a&b said:

    I wish I looked that cute in an apron! (i’m usually up to my ears in flour or some other substance whenever I try to cook)!