rachel comey fall ’12

rachel comey fall 12

yesterday afternoon I watched the Rachel Comey Fall ’12 RTW runway show streaming live on their website.  the webcam quality wasn’t the greatest so I was left a little underwhelmed at the end.  I was happy to see that photos from the show were posted on Style.com today, however, I’m still a little on the fence.  Rachel Comey is one of my favorite designers and I happily own many of her pieces.  I had a hard time finding something that really resonated with me from this collection.  I wasn’t feeling all the black and this comes from a gal who has a closet full of black clothes!  the collection felt a little more like a holiday collection with the leather, metallic and lace, rather than the usual rustic, warm collections usually associated with fall.  I do really love the blue / brown plaid dress in the middle and the dress to the right.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the silhouette.

{images from style.com}


4 Responses to “rachel comey fall ’12”

  1. victoria said:

    Whoa, i’m loving the 3 looks you posted, esp those 2 dresses. Wow.

  2. Pamela said:

    I can see what you’re saying but Rachel Comey’s runway shows never show the full collection. If anything I think the runway show is simply a snapshot into a much larger more intriguing collection. Often the pieces that I instantly fall in love are not the pieces I end up wearing over & over again. Comey pieces seem to get better once you’ve lived with them for awhile. By fall, I think you will once again love Rachel Comey.

  3. Rachel said:

    I was disappointed that the *berry* colors I saw during the livestream were in fact black. We can chalk that up to the poor video quality. And yea – the baggy silhouettes were were a bit of the letdown. I’m hoping that by the time fall rolls around they will have grown on me. The Style.com review notes that her use of finer textiles will land the pieces at higher price points, gads!

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    I approve of that metallic skirt. (surprised?) That dress on the right has a lovely print, I would love to see the full style.