sweet potato biscuits


funny story.  when I was pregnant, I couldn’t stand sweet potatoes.  one funny smelling potato and I was done with them.  now it seems I can’t get enough.  they are always on my grocery list and I usually have a stock pile of them waiting to be cooked.  so when I saw Hannah’s recipe for sweet potato biscuits, I knew exactly what I’d be making this weekend!!  and caramelized shallot and sage butter?  holy yum.  maybe I’ll serve a little morel mushroom gravy on the side.

psst… my favorite classic biscuit recipe!

{photos from honey & jam}


12 Responses to “sweet potato biscuits”

  1. erica said:

    how funny, ALL i want are sweet potatoes and yams. i can’t wait to try out this recipe, it sounds so yummy!

  2. Johanna said:

    That sounds so delicious! I like sweet potato biscuits with whole grain mustard, honey and country ham.

  3. gia said:

    I just had a baked sweet potato and sauteed mushrooms last night! I think it lacked in protein majorly though. I had a little cheese and wine first, but yeah, not enough protein.

  4. Lisa Fyfe said:

    These look gorgeous and delicious. I am going to try making them for my 15 month old son. He loves sweet potatoes and I am constantly trying to figure out new stuff to give him. Lovely.

  5. becca said:

    good gracious, how perfect. sweet potato biscuits done classy and gorgeously.

  6. Elisa Guggino said:

    Hey Aly B. (haha),
    I was just on another DIY blog site and I saw they had a link to yours!! So crazy! You are interconnected in the DIY/fashion blog world. Anyways just wanted to say hello and I hope all is well!!


  7. Jennifer said:

    I too love sweet potatoes, but I never thought of making biscuits with them! What a great idea!