the world’s largest rope swing


Devin Graham and some friends strung up this insane rope swing at the naturally formed Corona Arch out of Moab, Utah.  watch the video here and the making of here.  there was even a mid-air proposal!

I’m speechless.


{via this is colossal}


5 Responses to “the world’s largest rope swing”

  1. FRANCINE gardner said:

    OMG…. I am getting lightheaded just watching this! my son rockclimbs, my husband paraglides…but this is crazy

  2. Sonchia said:

    Not to be a negative ninny, but I saw this online recently. Corona Arch is one of my favorite haunts in Moab (I visit nearly every weekend in the spring/fall when the weather is crappy here in Telluride, CO) and it sort of makes me sad to see the arch this way. Why can’t it just be appreciated? Why does everything have to get all “bro-ed” out? Sigh.

  3. Anne said:

    I completely agree with Sonchia! I’m a native Utahan and it’s horrifying to me to see our landscape used in this way — not to mention the fact that these arches do occasionally topple.