in my cabin induced utopia a few weeks ago, I came across this magical place called Urnatur tucked in the Holaved forests in eastern Sweden.  it’s an outdoors lovers fantasy.  Urnatur, which basically translates to ‘essence of nature’, is a swedish forest getaway where visitors can stay in hand-crafted cabins or treehouses and spend time reconnecting with nature.  take classes on foraging, timbering or the basics of using a fire and knife.  kick back in the wood-fired sauna or the outside wooden bathtub and gaze up at the stars.  kerosene lamps guide you to your log cabin after dinner and fires are lit in you cabin for warmth and atmosphere.  talk about dreamy!

more photos here.  and their equally as magical blog, here.


{photos from urnatur}


11 Responses to “urnatur”

  1. alyson said:

    ah! looks like that’s where these images came from. Urnatur linked to them as if it were their flickr.

    and gold mine! how did I miss out on the Anthropologist?! thanks for tuning me in!

  2. Anne said:

    holy wow!!! the fireplace in that cabin is amazing.

  3. kristi said:

    three years ago, i had the immense pleasure of going here!
    it is even more beautiful in person (if you can believe that?!)
    the host and hostess are incredible, daring, bold, brave souls that want you to have one of the most magical times of your life. trust me. you will.
    i cannot say enough about urnatur…other than if it speaks to you. go there.

  4. Johanna said:

    How beautiful! The forests in Sweden truly are magical. I would love to set up camp in Urnatur and just stay there …

  5. Danielle said:

    Swedish people do everything better. This looks amazing.

  6. Kathryn said:

    ooh my. I want to go here. so bad. this seems like a unique and romantic honeymoon idea!

  7. Karen said:

    Oh I so want to be here too. It looks like such a restoring environment

  8. wembolina said:

    o my…. i stayed here last year and it was TRULY divine!! log cabins, in a forest full of trolls (no, really!), no electricity… a sauna!! we went fishing in the lake and barbecued our catch for dinner later that night.. o – it is SUCH a special, wonderful, amazing place! xxx