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a new set of mountains to conquer


it’s official friends – our little family is moving to Bend, Oregon in less than two weeks. dlb was offered an amazing and exciting new job and we’ve decided to take the plunge. so on March 24, we’re packing up our all of our belongings and heading southeast to our new little home. we are WAY excited.

not only does this mean we’ve got a new adventure ahead of us, filled with exploring a new city and all the bountiful wilderness around it, but we’re doing a major role reversal. previous to getting a full time gig, dlb has been able to freelance from home, which meant he could spend all day hanging out with Wolf. in our new city, I’ll be able to write my blog, freelance from home AND focus on my number one job: MOM. I could not be more thrilled.


saying that we’ll miss Portland is an understatement. we will miss Portland DEARLY. it’s been our home base for nearly five years and we’ve established grounds here.  we’ve made friends, we’ve drank beer, we’ve eaten {and foraged} great food, we’ve hiked and camped and explored all over the place and we started our little family. thankfully, a weekend jaunt to the city is only a short drive away.

I’m excited also for what this will bring to Unruly Things and Unruly Little Things. I know, I know… you’re thinking, didn’t I mention a new design was in the works for UT like over a month ago? well, my in-house web developer was working on getting that job in Bend so he’s been a little busy. with a little extra prodding though, I think it’ll be ready before our move! I’ve been thinking of new ideas for UT which I think you’ll be really excited about and my goal is for ULT to remain our family blog with the major focus on kid things.


so!  I’m excited, are you excited!? I hope you’ll excuse the temporary silence here while we sort things out with the move. as always, I’m posting daily on Instagram and Pinterest so please follow me there. until then, hip hip!

{images of Three Sisters Wilderness, near Bend, Oregon by ms_katrine}


black + green


I noticed something today while browsing through my pins on Pinterest: I’ve got a major thing for all things black and green.  from black clothes and accessories to pops of green and everything in between.  here’s a few of my recent pins:

one : acne clover boot  /  two : anntian blossomline silk dress  /  three : plant table  /  four : azurite with cerussite & malachite  /  five : simple bedroom  /  six : foldover clutch with neon pop

see what else I’m pinning.