and we’re off!


well, not quite yet, but this will be my last post until we get settled in our new home in Bend, Oregon.  can I just say how crazy excited I am for our new life?  I can’t wait to explore our new home.

until then…


{photo by the AMAZING Ann McGarry, who also took polaroid pictures at our wedding.  she’s pretty rad.}


15 Responses to “and we’re off!”

  1. Sarah said:

    Good luck on the move! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the blog!

  2. Brooke said:

    Happy trails! Have fun in Bend. What a beautiful place to start a new life!

  3. Frances said:

    go neiri on bothair leat, irish for may the road rise to meet you…be well and safe journey.

  4. casey said:

    congrats on your move and staying home!! and that is an awesome pic!

  5. gia said:

    I have heard such good things about Bend! What fun!!

  6. Heather said:

    I know you must be so thrilled to be able to spend more time with your son! So happy for you, the pictures of Bend look awesome.

  7. natalie. said:

    i just put two + two together that you’re friends with my friends, the knowles! congrats on the move – maybe if i ever make it out to meet little edith we’ll cross paths!

  8. Blaze said:

    Your blog is lovely! I hope you have a great move! I love Bend!

  9. Erika said:

    Well, welcome to Bend! I’ve been here 5 years and love it. The arts scene is so alive, our 11th microbrewery is set to open this summer (which is astounding for a city this size), too many amazing local coffee roasteries and bakeries to choose from, winter and summer sports galore … it’s too much wonderful! I hope you enjoy your new life!

  10. Tracy said:

    Too cool, I too have just bought a home in Bend, I am packing a uahul tomorrow and will be making the long drive Sunday & Monday.
    I too can not wait to start this new chapter in our lives, I am so excited, congrats on the move, Bend is a Beautiful place :)