on the hunt


every time Spring comes around, I dream about purchasing a new pair of sandals.  there some good prospects over at Stuart & Wright.


8 Responses to “on the hunt”

  1. erica said:

    we’re on the same wavelength this morning, alyson! the ariana bohlings are so pretty, as are the ndc sandals. but i really need to try them on before committing. oof!

  2. Liana said:

    The first pair catch my eye! Good choices:)

  3. indreams said:

    gosh, i love those. and the NDC sandals olivia and vera are pretty freaking awesome too. what a dangerous time of the year spring is! :)

  4. K said:

    Let the shopping commence! I always look forward to your sandal roundups.

  5. Karina said:

    I want top two! I love bottom two also, but sadly, the thong sandals make my feet look wide (which they’re not.) Anyone else experience that?

  6. Heidi said:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Those NDC bruciato are now on their way to me!