I know I normally don’t post a lot of kids stuff on UT but this one is just too good not to share, plus it gives me an excuse to post a photo of my kid. ;)

Thumbeline is one of my favorite online shops for kids and possibly the most well curated around. I love the bright colors and playful prints from various collections. I feel like going to a party every time I click through the selection of goodies. I love this bicycle sweater and even though the smallest size is 2 year, I’m tempted to buy it for Wolf now.

before the holidays, Thumbeline was a sponsor to UT and because of that, Wolf got a new hoodie, a Mini Rodini black devil hoodie to be exact. unfortunately, it’s no longer available on their site. we had to wait a little while before it fit but here he is in all his devil glory.


Wolf’s outfit, in case you’re curious:
hoodie – Mini Rodini, originally from Thumbeline
pants – Thief and Bandit kids
socks – H&M


10 Responses to “thumbeline”

  1. Lauren said:

    So cute! But do you really spend that much mulatto on his clothes?!

  2. Ashley said:

    I have the lightning onesie for Hudson in white and I can’t wait for him to be big enough to wear it (unless he, of course, wants to stay a little baby for longer–that’d be okay too). So many things here to covet, I was scanning the post in hopes you had a discount code! :)

  3. Rachael said:

    after you posted about them, I pinned a bunch of things for my girl’s “wishlist” for the relatives…and she ended up getting that little polka dot tank and the mini rodini lighting bolts. I love the quality! and some of them are organic….I’m glad you shared.

  4. indreams said:

    omigosh, those are so cute! almost…too cute. i want them for myself! :)

    my brother and his fiance are expecting this summer, and if i knew what gender the baby was going to be, i’d be breaking the bank right now. as it stands, i’m just going to email it to her, instead, and see what she thinks. thanks for the post!

  5. DD said:

    Very very cute and very much the kind of clothing I like to dress my son in.But my goodness those clothes are too expensive for a growing child! I read a lot of blogs and it seems like all the mums are always buying such expensive thing’s for their kids.

  6. jamie said:

    MAN i want the mini rodini lightning leggings SO BAD. (so bowie!)

  7. Elena said:

    Goodness…. your little Wolf is such a darling! That smile is absolutely to die for:)

  8. erica said:

    yikes, since when is ‘mulatto’ slang for money??

    sorry, just had to say that. anyway, i love love mini rodini (and bobo choses and nico nico, etc.). there are things in leon’s dresser for size 5 and 6 because i couldn’t resist the sale prices. you’d be surprised how quickly they grow into these larger pieces!

    wolf is such a cutie, i love his enormous grin!