wanted this week


lately, I’ve been obsessing over bonsai trees.  tiny trees – pretty incredible, right?  I’d love to have a scots pine or a cypress cedar.

Elise from Pennyweight asked me to participate in her “wanted this week” series.  hop over to see the bonsai I’m coveting and the rest of my wants.

{bonsai trees from ma-ke}


4 Responses to “wanted this week”

  1. anja louise said:

    The bummer thing about bonsai trees is that they are supposed to be outside! When we got one I was so excited to have a cool tree in my house, but then we realized we were doing it wrong and now I rarely see it cause it’s out in the yard. At one point our tree (when indoors) got so confused, it had big leaves, buds, and yellow leaves all at once. It got back to normal once it started living outside, though!

  2. alyson said:

    actually, since some have been “raised” indoors, being outside would be too much of a shock to them. when I was researching pine bonsais, I was surprised at the temps that they could survive in, like lows of 60s! maybe it depends on what type of tree you have. I can imagine that most would be best outside but that some would thrive in a bright room near the window.

  3. Mfree said:

    I had a bonsai tree in college which was a gift from a friend. It really reacted to me as far as when i was home it was green and if i left for spring break etc. (even with care from roomies) it would start to brown. It eventually died when my mom watched it over a summer. :(

  4. Liana said:

    Gorgeous bonsais! My husband & I were given aTexas Ebony for our wedding that we treasure:) It’s wild to see a mini tree looking so full grown!