color stories / pink grapefruit


lately I’m loving juicy pops of pink grapefruit.

one : easter cactus / two : nombre papaya cardigan / three : banded stripe mug / four : botanicals notebook trio / five : scotch polish highland fling / six : henri dining chair / seven : turks handmade kilim pillow / eight : loeffler randall knot clog


8 Responses to “color stories / pink grapefruit”

  1. erin said:

    this girl too. i found a geranium that’s doing the trick around our apartment. but i’m really jonesing for that polish.

  2. Carly said:

    Just stumbled onto your blog and saw that you are from Oregon! I was born & raised in Portland but now find myself in California.

    Your blog is so cute! And I am loving those floral notebooks!

  3. Darci said:

    Love this! I never feel like I can pull off such a bright shade, but I might have to try that polish.

  4. indreams said:

    oh, that polish is just perfect! i’ve been looking for a creamier coral, and i think this one’s the winner. thanks for the head’s up! :)

  5. Sara said:

    I absolutely love the notebooks! And the polish…I love Scotch brand stuff. Great blog!

  6. Elisa said:

    These are all so adorable! I especially love the notebooks and the cardi – though that nail polish would be soooo fun paird with open toed sandals!