colored denim – do or dont?

colored denim

I’m really loving the colored denim trend but I’m not convinced to jump on board.  if I did, I think I’d go for green or purple or maybe even red!

what about you?  are you loving colored denim?  what color would you choose?


27 Responses to “colored denim – do or dont?”

  1. Heather said:

    I have a purple pair, and also green! I love them!!!

  2. Liz said:

    I really liked it, bought a pair of pink ones last fall, worn them lots since, and recently, since they’ve been so over done this spring, I already think the trend looks tired. Probably won’t buy another pair even though I was thinking of loving the idea of some in yellow.

  3. Patrice said:

    I was hesitant about the colored denim trend too, but found a pair of coral ones I fell absolutely in love with. I’m dying to pair them with some deep navy pieces. I say go for it!

  4. Erin said:

    I was just thinking the same thing last night, found a pair of dusty rose colored jeans… But I’m like you, not too sure if I could pull it off :)

  5. Jeanee said:

    I’ll pass. I got too much junk to wear. But I adore on others!

  6. Abigail Atkins said:

    I had a red pair from Anthro last year. I loved them, but I also felt like a pirate (in a tacky way) every time I wore them. I do want a yellow pair, but that might be spring fever making me love the color yellow.

  7. jo said:

    Some people do wear them so well! I thought I might try it, but can’t decide on a colour, and am not into brights. Maybe I’ll try one in cobalt!

  8. indreams said:

    pale teal, pale yellow, or salmon. (i’ve already got grey!) i love the way all of those colours look on the ladies i’ve seen wearing them…

  9. Anne said:

    I would love to wear bright coloured jeans (especially the green and blue ones) if I didn’t have broad hips that don’t need emphasizing… If you’ve got the right body shape, go for it!

  10. C said:

    I love them. Its heading in o winter here and I just bought a pair of orange skinnies to wear with boots. They are gorgeous

  11. Lauren said:

    I would but They all seem to come in skinny which I’ve yet to find a pair of skinny jeans that look good on me!

  12. Mfree said:

    i love them all! and oddly enough i currently have green and purple. i find i wear the purple more than the green because it seems to ‘go’ with more things. perhaps its due to it being so close to blue. lately i’ve been thinking of adding red.

  13. gia said:

    I have dark grey and I love them. They are sexy and happen to be sooo comfy. Great, easy piece for Spring.

  14. lauren said:

    go for it!
    i have a bright blue pair and a salmony red pair… i wear them all the time with chambray or denim button downs. i totally don’t think my body is pulling them off, but i really don’t care! they make me so happy to wear! i love putting them on – and always make my day more fun!
    xo -L

  15. faithy said:

    You picked all my favorite colors!! I think a nice jade or kelly green is pretty easy to wear (and easy on the eyes). I love purple and red is kinda a black to me. Choose a rich shade, but a notch or too down from BRIGHT to make it easier to style.

  16. Meghan said:

    I so want a pair of coloured jeans but I refuse to buy a pair of skinny since they do not look good on me. I’ve been searching but yet to find a pair of coloured jeans that are bootcut.

  17. Jess said:

    A do if you have nice legs! I just got some in a minty green shade from Black Orchid and I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a single item in my life! Also an instant mood-lifter!

  18. Sydney said:

    I am a total convert in the coloured jeans thing.. I bought a pair of red ones and I LOVE them. I plan on getting loads more colours. I find them surprisingly easy to wear with pretty much everything.. but maybe that’s because my whole wardrobe is pretty much black or grey!

  19. Courtney K said:

    I just got a pair of green ones and I’m in love. I say go for it! (I did shy away from blue ones though, but only because I technically have “blue” jeans.)

  20. Kate said:

    maybe teal or rust, but nothing pastel or primary.

  21. Anamaria said:

    I’m diggin colors, but not to extremely bright colors. You couldn’t find any highlighter colors on me. They’re just too out there, and I want people to notice me! Not my jeans… So I have a very faded salmon pair and deep plum pair.

  22. Alya said:

    yellow and turquoise are awesome! So are salmon/pink ones..