giveaway – a striped backpack from Baggu!


remember my hunt for the perfect backpack?  well, a few weeks ago, the kind folks at Baggu sent me their striped backpack to test out.  I’ve been test driving it for almost two weeks now and I LOVE it!!  it’s cute, comfortable, and packs just about everything I need.  I’ve taken it grocery shopping, to the gym, on walks and even on a hike last weekend.  I love the front pouch and keep all my necessities in there.  {much better than digging into an endless abyss aka my purse!}

baggu pack

and guess what you guys… they offered a striped backpack to one Unruly Things reader, too! lucky you!  just leave a comment here before Friday 5pm PST and let us know where you’ll take your backpack this summer.  a winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.  I haven’t been doing giveaway’s lately, but this one was too good to keep to myself.  hooray for stripes!

{top image from Baggu’s Facebook page, bottom image by me.}


281 Responses to “giveaway – a striped backpack from Baggu!”

  1. lauren michele said:

    ah! i’m leaving for england in just under a month and this would be the perfect carry-on for the trip!

  2. mary said:

    What a lovely backpack. I would take it on my trip to the UK!

  3. Eliza said:

    Ohhhh, I love Baggu! I would take the backpack to the farmer’s market, and on my trip to Brazil.

  4. sarah said:

    ooooh love! i am headed to berlin and paris this summer, this would be perfect!

  5. Michaela Jane said:

    oooh! I would take this backpack with me EVERYWHERE this summer! It would be perfect for bike rides and megabus trips, which are two of my most frequent summer activities!

    Please oh pleaaaase! :)

  6. ekaterina m. said:

    D: I’ve been looking for one of those!! want!! want!! I’d take it for a bike ride with my dog !!

  7. ad said:

    cool!! i am driving across the country!

  8. corey said:

    the cutest summer bag for biking around town!

  9. julia said:

    yes! we are going to sweden and scotland this summer and i would love this bag!

    (lots of europe travelers this summer!)

  10. Alyson said:

    On an adventure! Not sure where yet. Croatia? Japan? Italy?

  11. Katie said:

    Such a great little backpack! I’ll take mine to the park and to the beach and walking around in Brooklyn this summer.

  12. Sarah Sheikh said:

    Love your blog! The combination of fashion, food and your life happenings is so refreshing to read and I look forward to reading your posts (whenever I see an update on my Google Reader I automatically go to it). I’m a current student so this backpack would be absolutely perfect not only for school but for my travels this summer. I have only ever had the opportunity to stay on the east coast, but this summer I am planning on traveling to Alaska, California and India. While the routing of my journey may be a bit strange, I am too excited to be able to experience parts of the world other than my native New York. The experiences this bag will have with me would be unique and I am sure it would gain a lot of wear throughout the journey (and have quite a few stories to tell!)

  13. Anna McClurg said:

    Perfect is right! I love it! I would wear it around sight seeing and vacationing this summer. Perhaps even trips to the beach!

  14. Julie [FerociousOstrich] said:

    Oh fun :) I’ve been searching for the perfect pack as well–I really need something for biking to the office and back.

  15. Rebecca said:

    This summer I’d take this back pack on plenty of day trips to the sea side :)

  16. Laura said:

    So Cute! I’ve been looking for a good back pack to take with me to Helsinki in July!

  17. lindsay @ rosemarried said:

    Not sure where all I’ll be going this summer, but I do know that I’m working on a lot of farm-to-table dinners out in the fields beyond Portland, OR. This backpack would be perfect for my summer on the farm. :)

  18. Mariah said:

    perfect for summer outings and picnics!

  19. alice said:

    love love love! it’ll get lots of use starting with a trip to sesame place in may for a b-day celebration for my little one. then, road trip in the summer!

  20. mika said:

    it’s been years since i’ve had a cute backpack and i love baggu’s products! i would take mine exploring around LA this summer :)

  21. stephanie said:

    it’s my first summer living in San Francisco, so I imagine I’ll take the bag with me all over – to golden gate park, the alameda flea market, brunch at outdoor cafes, giants games, the sky’s the limit. yay for summer + stripes!

  22. Hannah said:

    looks like the perfect size pack, and I can never resist having more stripes! This would be a great backpack for exploring the woods this summer, and for using around town or on the beach.

  23. Jessica said:

    New York a couple times to visit family, and a quick trip up to Port Townsend in August for their blues festival are what’s on the calendar so far, but I just know that backpack would work perfectly for day trips to the park, the beach, the mountain, etc. And I think it might double nicely as a place to put my little monster’s snacks, toys, and diapers.

  24. Sarah said:

    I’d love to use this walking around Brooklyn this summer and fill it with books to take to Lake Huron with me for a week!

  25. Pam said:

    I’m headed to NYC for the US Open in late summer. This would be perfect for exploring the city! P.S. Love stripes!

  26. Brittany said:

    yes! i have had my eye on a baggu bag for months! this would be a fantastic carry-on for all my east coast traveling this summer – raleigh, wilmington, birmingham, st. louis, savannah, lake erie – and for our trip to london in the fall!

  27. Suzannah said:

    I would use this as a diaper bag, for summer adventures in Maine. Blueberry picking and fishing with the little one :)

  28. Alice said:

    practical and stripey, two of my favourite things

  29. Anu said:

    Ah, so fun and summery! would love to carry this everywhere in New York where i live.

  30. Emily said:

    I would take my backpack on the many fishing and camping trips we are going to plan this summer!

  31. Alice said:

    I would love one of these! Maybe it would be perfect as a diaper bag for my new little man?

  32. joleen said:

    lovely little bag! perfect for my trips to the outer banks, north carolina and orcas island this summer…

  33. Alex said:

    That backpack is so perfect! I’d use it to carry a towel, sunscreen and a book to the beach.

  34. Alisha E. said:

    I would love to take this pack on adventures with my baby boy this summer

  35. jaimie said:

    I’ve actually been planning to get one of these this summer! I’ll be going to archives in Paris and Rome in August and September for research and I think this bag would be perfect for toting an ipad + daily essentials.

  36. Leslie said:

    I love, love, love stripes. I would take this backpack to Phoenix, AZ for a wedding trip in July, plus three other wedding trips this year in Ohio!

  37. debbie said:

    Being a stripe and Baggu lover, I can’t pass up this giveaway opportunity. Such a great backpack! I would take it on photo adventures and beach trips – basically everywhere. So cute!

  38. Anne said:

    Ooh, what a nice bag! It would be perfect for me to carry my baby’s snack and diapers.

  39. Danielle said:

    I would use it to tote around my work stuff – like a change of shoes & my lunch – since I have tompark at a garage & walk a bit to my building. Thx!

  40. Katie said:

    I’d take this backpack to work with me everyday – to carry lunch/my train reading material/etc.

  41. Kirsten said:

    I would take it to Chiapas, Mexico with me!!

  42. indreams said:

    i’ve been looking for a summer backpack to carry all my polaroids (and film), and this one looks perfect! i’d take it everywhere, but especially to toronto island, where i plan on shooting a lot of film this summer. (a good backpack is hard to find! i think baggu is the winner for me…)

  43. Annie said:

    To the river! Again and again! Contents: towel, sunscreen, book, shade, apples, cheese, bottle of beer.

  44. Jennifer C. said:

    I would take mine with me to visit California this summer!

  45. Anita said:

    i would take it anywhere but hopefully, we’ll get to go camping sometime this summer and maybe to Tokyo this Fall in which case this backpack would definitely be coming with and better yet, my daughter will be using it… :O)

  46. karmen said:

    I would take this everywhere b/c it looks lightweight enough to be an everyday bag!

  47. cat price said:

    oooooh i’d take it everywhere! running around town, the farmer’s market, quick fun hikes, festivals! so fun! please please please let me be lucky!!!

  48. Giustina said:

    This is way adorable! It would be totally perfect for roadtripping this summer.

  49. Leah D. said:

    I’d take my stripy baggu bag on a picnic! Cheese and crackers and fruit for this little tote!

  50. coral said:

    to the park w/ my 1 1/2 year old!

  51. Marie-H said:

    Oh, how I would like to bring this stripey number on hikes, to the beach (hopefully!), and for my trip to California! Thank you for this giveaway.

  52. fauns & ferns said:

    I’m a Baggu gal! My citron and teal Baggus go with every summer outfit. A striped backpack you say? Oh yes, that will fit in nicely.

  53. courtney said:

    I will be taking mine to the Nelsonville Music Festival in Ohio!

  54. wishful nals said:

    love this little bag. :) i’d take it to mount desert island, maine for an afternoon of ice cream and hiking!

  55. Amy said:

    Oh, this bag just SCREAMS summer! I love it!

  56. kathleen said:

    Oooh I would take this EVERYWHERE! I always need more space for random things (like when I’m out running errands), and this would be a crazy cute way to carry it all.

  57. Ashley said:

    This is such an adorable bag! My backpack is going with me this summer to tons of bookish events (2 author signings, ALA Annual, Children’s Book Festival) & fun things (Comic Con, beach trips and a road trip to Vegas)!

  58. Mary said:

    Oooo! What a beaute. I would take it to Oregon and Europe with me this summer!

  59. Kristina said:

    my backpack would be accompanying me on bike rides along the river!

  60. Angela said:

    Super cute! My summer travels this year will take me to California, Seattle, and London. This looks like the perfect carry-along pack!

  61. Claire said:

    love this! i’d take it to lots of outdoor concerts!

  62. Daria said:

    Yay for Baggu! This backpack would certainly go to Austin with me and the hopefully to Europe – though where exactly, I’m not sure!

  63. Allison said:

    I would take it to the ocean all summer long!! Picnics on the beach are the best. Or I would take it to the lake, or camping, or on a nice long roadtrip with friends. It is so lovely!

  64. Sara Roan said:

    I would take this great backpack to the beach and the lake—I want to swim a lot this summer, all over, and this would be the perfect bag to hold my towel and sunglasses.

  65. Katie said:

    I would take this little pack on strolls with my due-any-day-now little acorn!

  66. elki said:

    i will be taking mine pretty much everywhere! i’ve been dying to get a backpack and this one seems to be the perfect size. :)

  67. Kelsey said:

    Wonderful backpack! I would take it everywhere this summer, but especially to the beach!

  68. Sam said:

    My little man (who will be 4 months) and I are taking a trip across the country to visit my BFF in Vancouver. This backpack would be the perfect carry on!

  69. Sarah said:

    I’m losing my job at the end of June, right before getting married in September. We’re paying for the wedding ourselves, so this timing is pretty bad. The good news is that we’ve already finished paying for our honeymoon cruise to Barcelona, Naples, Florence, Cannes and a few towns in Provence. Many a night I have spent drowning my sorrows in a bathtub with a LUSH bathbomb and a travel guide. This exact BAGGU bag is on my Amazon wishlist right now, because it seems like the perfect daypack for our trip, regardless of whether we’re trekking through the ruins of Pompeii or collecting picnic food from a boulangerie before taking a cheap ferry to a quiet island 15 minutes off the coast of Cannes. If you pick me, I’d even send you a postcard!

  70. Megan said:

    I think I would take this backpack to a certain stripes party for a special little boy ;)

  71. Kelsey said:

    I’d take this backpack on many trips to the park and the beach with my toddler!

  72. gia said:

    Um no european travels for me unfortunately… like some of the others! but I would wear it around school- if I get into the new program I’m applying for. And I’d be all trendy like all these younger students around me! It might even allow me to bike to class in early fall and spring. xo

  73. Steph said:

    Stripes! I would take it to the beach and the park with my 1o month old, much easier and cuter than a diaper bag plus purse which I always schlepp along.

  74. Aruna said:

    looks like the perfect, summery backpack! please count me in!

  75. Lisa R. said:

    I’m so into stripes right now! I’d love to take this to parks with my kids this summer!

  76. Sara said:

    Oh how I love BAGGU. This would be great for biking around Madison this summer.

  77. Shauna said:

    This is so cute! I’d take it to the beach filled with picnic provisions (and sunscreen!).

  78. rachel said:

    i would take my baggu to sequoia national park this summer, hopefully it won’t be eaten by a bear ;)

  79. Liz said:

    I’d take this on a little road trip to northern MN this summer.

  80. Angela said:

    I love Baggu products. I keep 2 of their shopping bags in my purse where ever I go.

  81. Kelley said:

    I’d take it with me on a road trip up the coast of California and on all the hikes I plan to go on along the way!

  82. Jamboo said:

    We currently use one of their backpacks as our “diaper bag” we could definitely use another to tote around the beach with this summer!

  83. Tayde said:

    Oh, I’d definitely take it to my trip to NY this summer :)

  84. Nisarat said:

    This cute bag would accompany me on picnics, day trips and everything in between.

  85. elissa said:

    this bag would be perfect for summer bike rides! crossing my fingers!

  86. Cordelia said:

    The beach! Central Park! Perfect for all around town, really.

  87. sarah r. said:

    i’ll take the backpack on a weekend getaway to lake geneva <3

  88. Emily said:

    Ah! I’ve been stalking Baggu for the past few months. This summer, Baggu would travel with me from home in new york to san francisco, where I’ll run my second marathon. :-)

  89. Jane said:

    I think the backpack would be perfect for all the adventures I will go on during my honeymoon this summer :)

  90. Allison said:

    Oh, I’d love a cute bag to run around Chicago with my new son ford! So beautiful!

  91. robin said:

    i’d bring my pack to my friend’s wedding on vashon (washington)!

  92. Brooke said:

    I LOVE Baggu bags! Ive been eyeing their backpack forever!
    We’re moving to Singapore in a few months and I can see using this as we explore the country (and it’s neighbors too)!

  93. Kelli said:

    I would definitely take it in lieu of a purse when I’m flying to Texas next month. What a great bag!

  94. Julia H said:

    I would love to take my backpack hiking in Waterton Glacier International Peace Park!

  95. Carly said:

    I love Baggu bags. I’d take it on bike rides to the beach!

  96. Taemi said:

    I would get so much use out of this. Would be perfect for bike riding to the park this summer!

  97. hannah said:

    oh this is so cute…i’ve been eyeing their canvas totes as well. i’d take this to class and then to the beach all summer long!

  98. Angela said:


    I would take this bag to Colorado. And San Antonio. And LA. :)

  99. Christa said:

    I would love to pack my lunch in this when I teach art camps this summer!

  100. Beth said:

    So cute! I would take it to SE Asia on my trip this summer

  101. sarah said:

    oooh! Where would I take it? To the Alhambra!! I’m bound to Granada for five days after a week in Paris, where I’m giving a paper on imperialism in Alexander McQueen’s fashion collections at an international cultural studies conference at the Sorbonne. (!!) It’s a big summer for me. In fact, this pack would surely be so adorable that the French might actually forgive me for not speaking their language!! ;)

    (just in case I sound like a spoiled english-speaker, I do have 7 years of spanish and 3 years of czech)

  102. Frances said:

    to the sea, to hold all the things that one does in ones strippy bag.

  103. Larissa said:

    I’ve been longing after a Baggu backpack for ages!

  104. Nicole said:

    I would take that lovely bag on a picnic in the park!

  105. Lily said:

    To the river, to the river!

  106. Jamie said:

    To the beach! To the market! To Pilates!

  107. Anna C said:

    i’ve seen this online…so cute!

  108. Kimberly said:

    Adorable! I think I’ll have to snag one for myself. Looks perfect for summer, and their duck bags look super too!

  109. Kristina said:

    I would take it to all the outdoor summer concerts I’m going to go to!

  110. Samantha said:

    So cute! I would take it on bike rides all summer long. :)

  111. Lindsay said:

    What a sweet pack! I would load it in the car on my road trip to Liard Hotsprings in the Yukon Territory, Canada this summer.

  112. Natalie said:

    Where wouldn’t I take this bag? The perfect size, classic style.
    Easily a daypack for all my summer trips, especially the one to Morocco which my best friend and I have been planning since Freshman year of high school! It will be my first time in Africa, and I’m convinced this will make a stunning first impression :)

  113. Danielle said:

    I love Baggu! I’d use my backpack for adventures around town and weekend trips to all the beautiful places around my new(ish) home :)

  114. Lauren said:

    I’m so over my diaper bag…this looks like the perfect summer replacement!

  115. Cordelia said:

    I’d take it on our sailboat!

  116. Lia said:

    I’d take it on bike rides to the beach!

  117. Lorin said:

    This bag is too cool. I would love to take it with me on all my summer adventures like music festivals, the beach, my weekend trip to san fransisco, as well as on my day-to-day errands.

  118. Jennifer M. said:

    I have been eyeing this from afar and am glad to have a reliable firsthand report. Many thanks, and congratulations on the move!

  119. Hanna said:

    I have to do summer school, so I’d take it there. Hopefully somewhere fun, too, though!

  120. kara said:

    Aw! great find, I need a new nanny pack! So cute.

  121. Jayda said:

    I would take it to Tucson, AZ, where I’m moving this summer from PA!

  122. Jessa said:

    I would take it with me when I go hiking and out on the lake! Can’t wait for summer to get here, and would love to have this backpack for then :)

  123. Krystal said:

    To Sasquatch Music Festival!
    And then to Guam!

  124. Kristen S said:

    Sweet stripes! I would take this bag to the park for a picnic with my brand new baby girl!

  125. Jeanette said:

    Loving the Stripes! I’d take this bag … everywhere. Versatile, handy, chic. Perfect for a hipper mama.

  126. maria said:

    I would take the bag – everywhere! In addition to my things, I carry lots of kid stuff too. This is cute and masks what’s really inside (diapers/wipes!). :) Awesome giveaway – thanks for the chance.

  127. Sabrina said:

    My Mom’s big, big family is all gathering in the North Carolina mountains this summer for a family reunion. This bag would be perfect for morning hikes and evening walks to the bonfire (with the bag stuffed full of s’mores supplies, of course).

  128. tessa said:

    so lovely. i’d take it to the park, playground, on day trips…anywhere, really!

  129. Alison said:

    Oh, what a gorgeous backpack. I’ve wanted one for ages!

  130. Elicia said:

    Oh goodness I would love to have this backpack!! I hope it would accompany on my move to Seattle from D.C. to reunite with my fiance (we’ve been apart for 6 months now!), but if I still can’t find a job by the summer, then this would come with me on every flight to visit him!

  131. Diane said:

    Soooooooo cute! I’d take it away for a weekend at the beach.

  132. Laura said:

    I love Baggu! I have their laptop case and a keep my chapsticks and bandaids in some of their little bags in my purse. I’d love to add a backpack to my collection.

  133. Blair B. said:

    I will take my baggu to the top of Mt. Tom. A mountain I have climbed since I was a little girl in Woodstock, Vermont.


  134. Sally Mae said:

    Too cute! I’m hoping for some weekend getaways this summer in Wisconsin, otherwise I’ll take it around town with me carrying my camera, journal, and a few baby necessities. :) I can’t wait for summer – ill be off of work with my baby once again!

  135. Sara said:

    So cute! I’ll use it on the many trips to Barton Springs I’m planning this summer.

  136. Chelsea said:

    I LOVE that backpack! I would make it my beach/lake bag, it would be perfect for my summer getaways!

  137. Laura said:

    Yipes Stripes!
    I would wear this everywhere!
    Baggu, thankyou!

  138. Maria said:

    Would love to take this bag on a rustic beach camping trip!

  139. asia said:

    I adore those striped Baggu backpacks! I would take mine around town and to the pool. And maybe on an impromptu weekend jaunt to the beach… I would love these for my kiddos, too, but I wonder if they would hold up to the rigors of elementary school.

  140. Jolene said:

    The bag would come along on a bike ride along the greenway in minneapolis with us.

  141. Katie said:

    love love love — i always wear backpacks for biking and this would be perfect!

  142. laura said:

    ah so cute! I would love one of these!

  143. Rachel K. said:

    In a perfect world, I would take my backpack back to Tioman Island for a second round of heaven on earth.

  144. Mary said:

    What a lovely baggu! I would take this darling bag out and about, all over town…up the river and down.

  145. Dina said:

    OH, stripes make me happy! Since I walk to work, it would be perfect for toting my lesson plans and lunch. I can also see taking it on many a bike ride with my little boy.

  146. Kelly said:

    This bag has to go with me this summer: I’m meeting my in-laws for the first time ever, so we’re taking planes and ferries and boats to head into the provinces of the Philippines and spend some time with my future family and kicking up my heels to enjoy some island life!

  147. Katie said:

    I cannot get over how amazing this bag is. The stripes get me every time!! I’d take it everywhere but especially on my Bonnaroo trip, perfect for a festival!

  148. DianeL said:

    I am forever ok the hunt for the perfect purse, bag, whatever. I’m going to Ireland in June and Sisters, OR in July, so lots of opportunities for using a nice bag.

  149. Kate said:

    to the farmer’s market to stuff full of leeks, berries, tomatoes, and more. on hikes and to the coast, and on walks around different neighborhoods in portland. it will carry water and snacks and new shoes and treasures of mint sprigs and rocks and shells.

  150. Lauren said:

    I’d take the backpack to Yosemite on a tent camping trip this summer.

  151. Mimi said:

    I’ve been loving the Baggu pack for a while. I just got a bike seat for my little bub and was thinking how great a little pack would be to put all his things in while we ride around this summer!

  152. lauren said:

    i’d take it to the portland state farmers market!

  153. Laura said:

    That’s so pretty! I’d take that hiking and out to Joshua Tree to see Venus in transit this summer :)

  154. joanne said:

    i’d take the backpack on bike rides and picnics

  155. Mary said:

    I saw that same backpack on Open Sky and missed out on snagging one. I kicked myself to days – it’s just too perfect! I’m planning a move to downtown Indianapolis this summer, hopefully within walking distance of the cities largest farmer’s market. I’d take it with me to the market every Saturday and stuff it with my weekly rations!

  156. Sarah said:

    Cute! I would take it to the camp I work at in the summer!

  157. Meg G. said:

    Love to send a care package to our kids in Africa with this backpack!

  158. sonya said:

    whoody-hoo, what loverly stripes!! i would use this little gem all summer – from trips to the beach to picking up my vegetables at my CSA to summer concerts in the park!

  159. Liv said:

    Yes, please! This summer? Austin. Chicago. North Carolina. Oregon. A road trip to a wedding in North Florida. I think it would be rather well loved.

  160. Anne said:

    I would carry it all over Portland on the back of my bike. Yay for Oregon summer, finally here!

  161. sylvia said:

    packing a striped backpack for a picnic in big sur – not a bad idea, right? right!

  162. Joanna said:

    I bought a baggu duck bag 4 years ago and still use it constantly, I would LOVE to try a backpack!! Perfect for summer bike rides

  163. Courtney said:

    Oh lovely! I’d take it with me to my new home in Louisville!

  164. Dani said:

    Ohhhh i love this bag!I would use it for my everyday adventures with my son;)

  165. rosie said:

    i will be filling it with diapers, wipes, books and some snackies and running around everywhere with my baby!

  166. Tosia said:

    Such a cute bag! I would take it with me on bike rides to the farmers market!

  167. Steffi said:

    Moving to Portland next year…pack all of my excitement inside.

  168. Jesse said:

    Such a beautiful bag! I would have to take it everywhere.

  169. Christina V said:

    I’m going to be traveling around the UK this summer and this backpack would be a perfect companion!

  170. Lindsey C. said:

    I left my old Baggu on the other side of the world :( I’d love another, and this one is just adorable!

  171. jana said:

    So pretty! i’d take it to university and then to the beach!!

  172. Renee said:

    I’ve been searching high and low for a backpack to be used as a diaper bag, this looks perfect! Loving th stripes.

  173. Jane said:

    Stripes!! I would take it to Italy this summer!

  174. Gemma said:

    I’ve been eyeing this up for a while. I’m in the UK but we’re heading to New York and Maine in June so this would be perfect for the flight and for exploring.

  175. Dani said:

    This would be the perfect bag for all my adventures with my little one to the park, the zoo, the beach, everything!

  176. nat said:

    I’ll use it for toting around new baby gear – looks perfect!

  177. Lexie said:

    i have for sure plans for a trip to iceland and tentative plans for a trip to new orleans this summer! that backpack would be perfect for either trip! :)

  178. erica said:

    i would pack my summer reading and beach supplies then head to the Lake to enjoy. what a great bag, cheers!

  179. Jacqueline J. said:

    This little nautical number: to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, to Rockaway, and most definitely on the many summer bikerides through the city.

  180. Beth said:

    What a beautiful backpack!! This would be such a great replacement for the diaper bag when going to the beach or to the park this summer with my little one.

  181. Sneha Raghavan said:

    I would take this to short grocery trips. To adventures where I only need to pack 5 or 6 things. To the farmers market! To work! I would take this everywhere. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I’ve had my eye on it for a while! ;)

  182. Stephanie said:

    I would wear my cute striped backpack to the beach at Tybee Island all summer long!

  183. Laura Brown said:

    Definitely lots of trips to the library and the park!

  184. Emily D. said:

    Such a cute backpack. I’m starting nursing school this summer, and one of my main quests is to keep up cute & stylish accessories despite my scrubs. This would be perfect to lug around my textbooks & materials to clinicals!

  185. Dana said:

    HA! I was just thinking about how I need a new backpack. I would take it with me to the Harbor Islands off Boston so I could carry my gear as I walk the trails.

  186. katrina said:

    i totally plan on taking a solo road trip to either d.c. or nashville this summer! what a cute little addition this would be to my trip essentials!

  187. Madeline said:

    Oh my! I just quit my job and moved to Paris so this little bag is a perfect companion for all my strolls this summer and an upcoming trip Madrid and Valladolid!

  188. Olga said:

    I didn’t realize that I needed a new backpack until I saw your post! I would love to have one to stash all of mine and baby’s stuff when we go to the park, shopping, baby and mama classes. Wantz!

  189. Stephanie said:

    Love those stripes! I’d take this on our summer trips to Portland and Los Angeles!

  190. Sarah said:

    This bag would be perfect for day trips to the beach, the flea market, or any other summer adventure- oh and I love the stripes!

  191. Kendall Monroe said:

    Love! i am going to on a vacation with my husband this summer, still up in the air but we are thinking oslo norway and stockholm sweden and renting a car to drive the countrysides there.

  192. Leslie said:

    This would be perfect for biking to movies in the park in Minneapolis!

  193. Kait said:

    This summer I’ll be doing a lot of hiking and sight seeing. After moving to Missouri for college, I realized all the things I missed out on back home in California. Going home this summer and making sure to take full advantage of all it has to offer!

  194. angela j. said:

    ooh! I would take this bag to the beach with my little guy. He’s 4 months old so a diaper bag is still totally necessary, but not practical for the sun and sand :)

  195. Kat said:

    Love the summer stripes! I would take it to the library, beach, coffee shop, all the places I usually go!

  196. laura said:

    I’d take it on hikes (and urban adventures in Seattle)

  197. Kate said:

    Adorable! I love stripes too…
    I would take it with me on my trip to Maine with my gramma for her 90th birthday. I’m so looking forward to the trip and that cute little bag would be an awesome addition to some seaside outfits and beach time with family. thanks for your blog, i read it all the time.

  198. Kate said:

    Cute! I bike around with it!

  199. Laurie said:

    Ready for summer with a great baggu! I would take this on a trip to the beach this summer and on a bike ride with my toddler in tow.

  200. lauren said:

    so cute. this would be great for biking around new orleans! thank you for the giveaway!

  201. Mary said:

    Awesome! I’d take it with me on adventures.

  202. Laura said:

    Awesome giveaway! I have one of their regular carry-all type bags and I drag it everywhere with me. I’d love to take the backpack on my trip to Colorado in August!

  203. Jen said:

    Love it! I’d stash it with all the picnic necessities and take it to Laurelhurst park.

  204. Lindsey said:

    Would love to take it with me to Sasquatch Festival!

  205. hannah said:

    love baggu. i would pack my swimsuit and ride my bike through brooklyn to rockaway beach.

  206. Courtney said:

    I will take my Baggu to the zoo, to the beach, to the museum, the ball pit, and the woods; Here there and everywhere with my three little boys and it will hold books, bubblegum (sugarless of course),band-aids for boo-boos and snacks!

  207. Jenn said:

    Baggu!! I would carry it with me to the beach, to the mountains, on bike rides and on picnics this summer!!

  208. abby said:

    Love that little pack! Seems like a perfect day pack or summertime purse replacement. Can not go wrong with stripes, I say :)

  209. Sarah Kim said:

    Love the vintage feel of the backpack that is both simultaneously nautical and French! I’d love to take it with me – this summer will be my first as a fresh-faced college graduate!! Hopefully, it’ll accompany me on my adventures abroad and beyond!

  210. emilia said:

    I would love to explore my new neighborhood with this adorable little bag on my back! Perfect for picnics in the park.

  211. carly dolan said:

    I would use this backpack on weekends at the beach!

  212. Jody said:

    So chic! I have a couple of trips planned with my kiddos this summer and would love to don the stripes! :)

  213. Nicole Yanovsky said:

    I’d take it on my honeymoon, of course!

  214. Lisa said:

    i’d take this cutie to the beach, and pack it with coconut water.

  215. Elena V said:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! Just today I bought a white summery skirt and sandals that would go great with this backpack!

  216. Michelle said:

    I’d bring it everywhere – the park, the beach, China, Switzerland, Los Angeles!

  217. Lindsey Dobson said:

    Awesome! Could double as a diaper bag for my little one…

  218. Chelsey said:

    Picnics, yoga, ANYWHERE!! please please please!

  219. Angie Raley said:

    i want this bag!! pick me, pick me please!

  220. Ainsley said:

    I used one of baggu’s bright coral back packs all summer last year – it was great! I’d love to upgrade to a striped one this summer though :)

  221. Cathy said:

    I would take it with me to Guam when I visit my bf who is currently stationed there! Beaches and hiking. :)

  222. Mara said:

    Oh, I love Baggu. I’d take it to the park with my new baby.

  223. Kelly said:

    I have been searching all over for a cute backpack. I would take it with me when I bike to work all summer.

  224. Julie said:

    I’d take this with me to the lake; perfect for toting along a camera and snacks for those wandering walks around the area.

  225. Caitlin said:

    I’m off to Sun Valley, ID for some shopping, hiking, biking and swimming. This would be the perfect summer accessory!!!

  226. Marisa said:

    I would use it for anything and everything. Definitely for carrying around my kindle, a small watercolor pad, some travel paints and brushes. This is the perfect bag for the weekends, for the evenings, for ALL!

  227. Tessa said:

    To outdoor concerts all over NYC this summer!

  228. Kallie B said:

    We’re planning two quick jaunts to Portland and Vancouver this summer. I’m sure the bag would also come with us on impromptu hikes in the Cascades, and maybe to a ballet class or two. ;)

  229. Tiffany said:

    I love Baggu! The backpack looks perfect for hiking at Tilden Park!

  230. caroline said:

    no special plans for the summer but next month I’ll might be taking a mini vacation and would definitely take this. I love baggu (esp. their duck bags).

  231. Emily said:

    I would take it on picnics in Malcolm X park and to the beach for long weekends

  232. Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said:

    I live in Barcelona, and I’ll take it to the beach, on weekend trips to the costa brava… and occasionally, boringly, to work! fingers crossed!

  233. Sharon said:

    I’ve set my eyes on this lovely bag for some time now. I would probably take it with me to yoga classes and the beach!

  234. Mel said:

    How fitting, my last baggu backpack (bought more than two years ago) needs to be retired this summer. I’d take this with me while I’m biking on the west coast. I’m going to do Vancouver to Seattle for July long, and Seattle to Portland on the August long weekend.

  235. Camila Faria said:

    I’m planning a trip to Colombia and I would love to take this gorgeous backpack with me!

  236. Lauren C-R said:

    such a cute backpack! I don’t have any fun trips in the works (yet!) but I would take it all over boston – picnics in the arboretum, afternoons eating ice cream at jp licks, to my work as a doula. :)

  237. Liz said:

    I will take that backpack to work this summer when I ride on my bike to work, instead of taking the bus! Hooray for warm weather.

  238. Christina S. said:

    I’ve been looking for a cute backpack for my daily commute and this would be perfect! He’d go with me back and forth to work (and happy hour) all summer long.

  239. Heather said:

    I love baggu! I would take this backpack on picnics, to the zoo, on fieldtrips with my students.. and maybe even to Prince Edward Island!

  240. Megan Wilson said:

    To Korea! to meet my son for the first time:)


  241. Rachael said:

    Ahh! so cute! I love stripes so, so much. I would take it to the beach down the street, on a trip to Boulder, CO, and the lake region of NH!

  242. Hannah Kiefer said:

    Love those stripes! I’d take this bag to France this summer as an au pair!

  243. Angela Z. said:

    I would wear it in various Canadian provinces…

  244. Lindsay said:

    I would take it on my summer holiday to Southern Spain and Morroco!

  245. Tui said:

    Such a sweet bag, I am seriosly addicted to anything with stripes at the moment and this little bag would stem that desire just a little.

    xx Poppy

  246. Meg said:

    Beautiful graphic quality. I’d carry with me all over NYC / Brooklyn, and on my summer escapes to mountains of Vermont, and the city of Montreal.

  247. elisabeth said:

    I’ve been eyeing that backpack. I think it would be perfect for the mini adventures my son and I take around our home in santa cruz!

  248. Evis W said:

    I too have been looking for a nice, light backpack. Could have used one in my recent trip to SanFran. Planning to travel to the UK and Germany this summer and will definitely make use of a backpack. I just told my co-worker about it too.
    May the odds be ever in my favor :p

  249. Mindy said:

    Love it! I’ll wear it every day when I ride my bike to work :)

  250. marie said:

    ooh, i love it. i would take it to our favorite beach on lake michigan… filled with cameras and film.

  251. Marie said:

    I would take it to my youngest daughter when I visit her in the Arizona mountains this summer

  252. holly said:

    hopefully lots of beach trips with the baby! love the stripes.

  253. ann said:

    love this! i’d take it on my beach biking adventures along the california coast.

  254. s.morrison said:

    I’m finally taking a train this summer!!!! To Montana!…this little backpack would surely work for reading material, snacks and a camera!

  255. Dana said:

    i’ve had my eye on this for a while. it would be perfect for bike rides and beach picnics.

  256. Rebecca said:

    Where WOULDN’T I take this lovely backpack! I’d start in Yosemite and work my way up to the Oregon coast.

  257. Kate said:

    taking this with me on around town adventures and lazy afternoons in the park

  258. Sydney said:

    Wow… I love Baggu and I had no idea they have backpacks! It’s lovely! I would use it all summer long at my summer cottage on Georgian Bay, Ontario. Camera, snacks, swimsuit.. what more do you need!

  259. Lauren Stark said:

    I would love this bag! Perfect to bring to work for my work outs and on the weekend playing tennis!

  260. allison said:

    so fun! would love to win a baggu backpack! it will be my summertime purse/diaper bag and we will go on walks in the woods and down to the playground and probably to the farmer’s market and we will definitely go to the tastee-freeze for twist cones! thanks!!

  261. megan said:

    To New York to see the city for the first time!

  262. Vicki said:

    Lovely! What a perfect bag for summer festivaling!

  263. Kristy said:

    Would love to take it on our honeymoon to the Canary Islands!!

  264. uli said:

    The bagpack and I, we will probably go to Australia together!

  265. Shawn said:

    Love this backpack! Perfect for weekend walks with the kids this summer!

  266. Kate S said:

    Love this backpack! I’d take it to my sister’s wedding in California this summer.

  267. Anna B said:

    Stripes are forever! I would take it on many new adventures ahead. Moving to Montana in May – there are lots of outdoor markets and festivals!

  268. christie said:

    i just had a baby 5 months ago and i would totally make that our diapurse bag. it will be seeing the park a lot this summer.


  269. January said:

    I would take it anywhere! Too cute not to! But what I have in mind now….lots of bike rides through Sonoma with my husband and baby boy.

  270. Brook Surgeon said:

    I’m going on a two week trip to Iceland at the end of May. I wouldn’t mind having this to tote around my camera.