right this second…


I’m excited because:

I’m looking forward to:
exploring outside.
planting a little garden outside.
kicking the ball around with Wolf outside.
swinging, OUTSIDE.

I’m tasting:
yummy pizza.

wishing I was tasting:
chocolate chip cookies.  sigh….

the folks at Linus, the makers of my cute bike, emailed me to let me know about their cool contest they have on their Facebook page.  you should “like” them – you might win a new bike!

hope you have a nice weekend friends!  and I hope it’s warm and sunny where you are!

{photo from aanaanaa}


3 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Amy said:

    Outside! Outside! Outside! Best word ever. I love this image. If I could keep succulents alive, I would love this to be my front door entrance.

  2. Sweet Harvest Moon said:

    Spring has been terrible in Belgium. It has been raining every single day for about a month now… :(

  3. sarah said:

    was this weekend not AMAZING? I didn’t get a lick of work (office/school/dissertation work) done because I was too busy building, installing, and hand-tilling the soil in two new raised beds – and then planting. I got a sunburn. A sunburn! In April! in Seattle! (this is the stuff of legend, eh? ha)