ancient greek sandals


my endless hunt for the perfect summer sandal continues. there’s been a lot of buzz about these Ancient Greek Sandals lately, and it’s no surprise why. they are pretty dang cute. and yet, so simple! I love classic styles that I can wear season after season. {even though I’m quite fond of the top pair in that trendy orange.} anyone know how they fit? how comfortable they are?

{orange & grey sandal available at Bird, others from Ancient Greek Sandals}


9 Responses to “ancient greek sandals”

  1. indreams said:

    wow, are those ever perfect. a bit out of my price range, but since sandals get so much wear+tear, i think i’ll be saving up for a pair for the future! such craftsmanship…

  2. Ranu said:

    Wow, these are kind of amazing!! Great find.

  3. erica said:

    i had been thinking the same thing. did you get the r29 bird deal?

  4. Desi said:

    I ordered these a couple of years ago and love them.


    I ordered from this maker last week to get a different style. They look pretty great and she has good reviews.


  5. Marianna said:

    Hi Alyson!

    I bought a pair last year (Lito, from their classic series) and my feet want to live inside them for ever! (actually, Athens’ weather helps a lot)
    They are the “creme de la creme” of greek sandals. Pricey but they worth it.

  6. June said:

    Yes! I am at the lookout of a new pair of basic, simple sandals. I saw some in Topshop that I might get when the hot weather sets in…