sun hats


I helped Joanna layout a pretty post on sun hats today.  won’t you check it out?  I have a few different hats that I wear when I’m at the beach or at the river, but there’s always room for more!



5 Responses to “sun hats”

  1. paula said:

    could easily see myself wearing the navy one all summer long!

  2. Mfree said:

    Saw your name over on her site.. was a nice surprise! and loved the post too. :)

  3. Michelle Smid said:

    I love these hats. I always love them in the store and on other people, but for some reason I feel like I look silly when I wear one. Any suggestions on feeling confident in a hat?

  4. Phoebe said:

    Love this round up! Great picks. I am a huge fan of hats. My newest floppy hat is a Billabong straw hat. I love that yellow striped San Diego number though. Hmmmm…