to be a mother


some beautiful images of motherhood to inspire you today.

also, my take on being a mother.

{images from the glow, yan photo, oana befort}


4 Responses to “to be a mother”

  1. Adriane said:

    Such beautiful pictures. I had my son just before Mother’s Day last year, so it kind of flew by me without me really noticing it. This year, with my one year old son, I couldn’t be more proud of being a Mom!

  2. july said:

    to be a mother is the best feeling that I ever have:) my little boy is 10 Month old and I can’t stop to be happy:)

  3. Jocy said:

    Lovely. How do you know when you are ready? That is my question these days.

  4. Kristen W. said:

    Beautiful! @Jocy, I don’t know if you can ever truly know if you are ready. But man, it’s the best thing in the world!