I’ve been everywhere


I recently had the pleasure of contributing to the Everywhere Project, a collaborative design project that pays tribute to the classic folk song “I’ve Been Everywhere”.  the project is curated by designer and illustrator, Adrian Walsh, and he’s rounded up quite a stellar crew of designers to create luggage labels, each representing one of the 92 locations that appear in the American version of the song.  originally, I’d hoped for Idaho, but since it was already claimed, I chose Winslow, Arizona – check out what I said about it here!


did you know that aside from blogging and having the best job in the world of mom, I also do a fair amount of design and illustration?  I specialize in vector graphic illustration, logo design, website design, blog theme design and implementation, invitation design, catalog/lookbook design and more.  if you have a project you’d like to discuss, check out my portfolio and give me a shout.


4 Responses to “I’ve been everywhere”

  1. Nicole said:

    These are so great! Thanks for sharing. As a Minnesota girl I’d love to see what that design looks like :)

    Have you heard of Nicole Miller? She has a similar great project called Branding 10,000 Lakes where each day she creates a design around one of the 10,000 MN lakes. Pretty cool stuff: http://www.branding10000lakes.com/

  2. Rebecca said:

    Such a great project !!
    Love the designs, way cool an idea :)

  3. brianne said:

    What a clever project! Just scrolled through all the designs – I love how different they are but they really come together as a group

  4. Lindsey said:

    I *love* your Crater Lake design. Would you believe I’m from Portland and I’ve never been to Crater Lake?! Pitiful. I’ve been all over the state, even camping in the Alvord desert, but somehow, I keep missing Crater Lake. :( Made me a little homesick anyway! ;)