zara kids

zara kids

sometimes I find myself dressing my son how I would dress.  more often than not, we are twins, whether it be our shoes, shirt or pants.  thankfully, I don’t dress too girly.

I love these lookbook photos from the latest Zara kids collection.  the boy clothes are too cute and naturally, I’d like one of everything for myself.  if you have kids, do you find yourselves dressing alike?

zara kids zara

4 Responses to “zara kids”

  1. sylvi said:

    no kids, but being the size and shape of a twelve-year-old boy apparently, i often find myself in the children’s section at zara… love it, though. they’ve got good jackets.

  2. Lindsey said:

    Yes! My daughter and I are coordinated or downright twinny pretty much everyday! I don’t mean to do it, but my mood comes out in the clothes I pick for each of us. It’s pretty hilarious sometimes. :) Glad to know I’m not the only one. ;)

  3. Katie said:

    I would like that grey marled looking sweater in kid’s and women’s sizes please:) I love boy’s clothes so I adore the fact that I have a son and he lets me dress him. We too often look kinda matchy matchy. It’s never really intentional. I think it’s just that if I happen to be in the mood for stripes one day, we both end up wearing stripes. Or if it’s boots weather, then we’re both in our Blundstones. I love so much stuff on the Zara website, but something is up with the Zara that I go to. It seems to me that the boys section at the store I frequent is seriously lacking in some of the best stuff.

  4. Dana said:

    I love Zara kids clothes! I forget about them for my little girl. Thanks! xo