a giveaway from adorn


have you heard of Adorn?  it’s one of my favorite shops in Portland and bonus – they have a great online shop perfect for us out-of-towners.  they carry just about everything from the incredibly sought after Portland Collection from Pendleton.  I just got the wallet and it’s so great that we think you should have one too!!  so, Adorn is offering a $50 gift card to one Unruly Things reader to spend on the Portland Collection wallet or toward anything else in the store.  to enter, simply visit Adorn’s site and leave us a comment here before Friday 5pm PST to us know what you’d spend your gift card on.  a winner will be randomly chosen and notified after the giveaway is over.  thanks Adorn!


121 Responses to “a giveaway from adorn”

  1. Jana said:

    So pretty! thanks for the recommendation of this shop…I would have to choose the Hard Tail Wrap Cardigan in Blue Knight. so cuddly and warm for autumn!

  2. Samantha said:

    I would probably spend the gift card on a purse, since that’s what I need the most. However, the Portland Collection is calling my name as well (those robes!).

  3. Brooke R. said:

    First of all, the re-design looks great, Alyson! As for the giveaway, I would use the gift card to purchase the Sanctuary The ‘It’ Trouser in Black. Classic!

  4. Rebecca said:

    I’d any of the Portland Collection Pendleton scarves! So cute!

  5. wren said:

    Oh Lordy! Adorn, so so lovely. I would certainly not mind being wrapped up in that Supremebeing Bundle Scarf (Multi) f’was me, but….fingers crossed

  6. Carol said:

    This is very exciting. I live in Portland and have ducked into the shop before. Cute stuff!

  7. Angela said:

    I would have to choose the Canyonville Tote. Beautiful!

  8. Courtney said:

    Oh man, what to choose?! Melie Bianco Phillipa Hobo Bag in Taupe would be it. Yep, that’s it. Your site looks wonderful!

  9. Emily said:

    What a great store…I’d use the gift card to help buy the Pendleton Portland Collection Canyonville Tote, I love it!

  10. Jessica said:

    In my dreams I’d own one of those Anorak jackets but I’d take one of those wallets in a second! They look like the perfect size.

  11. Kirsten said:

    I would definitely use it on that wallet. I’ve been searching for a new one for awhile. But probably in cimarron stripe.

  12. Katie said:

    I’d go for the Pendleton Portland Collection clutch- any color would do!

  13. Caitlin said:

    I would put mine towards the QSW empire imat dress…thank you!

  14. Lindsay said:

    I’ve got my eyes on the Painted Hills Umbrella for rainy PNW days!

  15. Mary said:

    It would be hard not to buy the wallet, but if I was feeling generous, I’d get a tie for my boo!

  16. Bridget said:

    I love the Wallowa Cardigan and the clutch; it’s really hard to pick just one!

  17. Muoi said:

    Funny, I need a new wallet and I’d get it in the Ram’s Horn Flannel.

  18. lauren said:

    i’ve been looking for a new wallet… the ram’s horn flannel is perfect!

  19. Stephanie said:

    love the pendleton tote!

  20. Aysem said:

    I really like Pendleton Portland Collection wallets and scarfs.

  21. Janelle said:

    I would use it towards one of their shoulder bags. I love those!

  22. Kristina M said:

    i would definitely go with the wallet in ram’s horn flannel!

  23. Kallie said:

    I would either opt for the fantastic Pendleton Portland wallet in Ram’s Horn Flannel or some nail polish and the Tumbleweed ring in gold. It’s a great shop. Love the Pendleton Portland line. Thanks, Alyson!

  24. Michelle said:

    I would buy another piece from Prairie Underground. I bought some recently for a trip and now know why everyone loves them! I also love Adorn!

  25. Kat said:

    I’d love to put it toward the semicircle skirt.

  26. Jade Sheldon said:

    I’d love to get the RVCA Skaville Cardigan in Black for my husband for his birthday next month!

  27. Christina V said:

    I love the Obey Mountain Backpack! Would be an excellent replacement for my ratty old pack

  28. Janna said:

    oh! A new wallet would be lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Tara said:

    Definitely the Kut from the Kloth Moto Jacket!

  30. kael said:

    pendleton montana tunic! amazing pattern.

  31. sara said:

    love it, design, pendleton as it would be used for the clutch color TBD

  32. Lauren said:

    The pendleton tote is amazing!

  33. Jennifer O'Leary said:

    I LOVE Shop Adorn!!! They always have amazing things…the only problem is that I can’t afford everything I want! :)

  34. e.soule said:

    Anything Pendleton Portland Collection in Ram’s Horn. I keep eyeing that clutch!

  35. Andria Sato said:

    Having recently moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco, I’m in need of an umbrella—I would love the Painted Hills Umbrella in black.

  36. Andrea said:

    It’s a hard choice at Adorn, but I’m a sucker for jewelry.

  37. Heather Hicks said:

    I would get the Melie Bianco Phillipa Hobo Bag in Taupe!

  38. Nicole said:

    Ack- I would totally get this: Pendleton Portland Collection Canyonville Tote in Ram’s Horn!! I was lucky enough to stumble upon the sample sale of the last Portland Collection and pick up a few jackpot items-

  39. Vanessa said:

    Thanks for the offer. I love the Kut from the Kloth peacoat. A Pendleton wallet would be a nice treat too!

  40. kelsey said:

    The Pendleton Canyonville tote in black is my favorite thing on their site.

  41. Jill said:

    These things just reinforce my sense that Portland is my kind of place! I think I’d get the Roost Isolde Bracelet.

  42. Justin said:

    My wife was showing me pieces from that collection she would love the Ram’s Horn Clutch.

  43. Diane said:

    Melie Bianca messenger bag. I’m a sucker for great purses

  44. Jo said:

    I have been wanting the Betsy & Iya Sandstorm Necklace for a while! I hope I win!

  45. Megan said:

    Hi Alison! Your site is lovely and in fact one of the first blogs I ever read!

    I’d love to put it towards one of the Pendleton clutches…they are lovely and perfect for winter in Colorado!


  46. Shanna said:

    The Pendleton Canyonville tote in black is just perfect!

  47. Natalie said:

    Oooh…love that shop! I would love a purse from the Portland Pendleton Collection.

  48. Emily said:

    Oh man, I’m in love with the QSW wave hill sweater. What a gorgeous, cozy layer!

  49. Lorissa said:

    I love the name of this shop and would be happy to adorn myself with the Kut from Kloth Pea Coat!

  50. Sydney said:

    Everything is so lovely (including the new look on your site)! I think I would probably use the gift card to get the Kut from the Kloth Diana Skinny in Wine pants, I’ve been looking for something in that color for a couple years and they look like exactly what I’ve been looking for. But I also might go for a wallet myself… it’s so hard to decide.

  51. Stephanie said:

    Time for a new Portland umbrella!

  52. Mykcal said:

    I love the canyonville tote in ram’s horn.

  53. Julie said:

    I love the Left On Houston Outlook Sweater. It looks so comfy!

  54. Melanie said:

    I saw some beautiful jewelry and scarves that I could purchase if I win. With XMAS around the corner I’m sure I’ll be visiting again. Thank you!

  55. christiana said:

    definitely the Bobi dress in nut.
    your new design is stunning!!!

  56. Mindy said:

    Something for my husband I think. Something wool or plaid.

  57. kari said:

    woot! i LOVE this store. the whole pendleton collection is great, but i especially love the pieced dress and the anorak

  58. Danielle said:

    I love to have an Ellington pouch and their House of Harlow Evil Eye earrings.

  59. Emma said:

    I can’t fault your taste – it’s got to be the ram’s horn flannel wallet.

  60. Emily said:

    I love Adorn! I might have to get one of those wonderful Pendleton scarves, but I also need a dress for the company holiday party.

  61. Krista said:

    Ooh, everything is so fabulous! I would get the House of Harlow 1960 Spike Stack Ring Set. Love it!

  62. Kari P said:

    Hmmm….It’s a difficult choice, but I’d have to pick the Roost Polished Horn Angular Cut Bangle. So beautiful. Not in the budget, but love just as much the Pendleton Portland Collection Jacket in Washougal Plaid.

  63. Haley said:

    Oh man! i have been drooling over & longing for anything & everything from The Portland Collection. I would love the Warm Springs Knit Dress – So lovely!

  64. Sarah said:

    The oasis necklace!!

  65. courtney d said:

    I would love the Coal The Josie in Cream or a pair of the HofH sunglasses!

  66. Anna said:

    Nice giveaway! I would probably choose the painted hills umbrella in the black print.

  67. Julie said:

    I would love to spend the giftcard on the Melie Biano Isabel Messenger Bag in Tan.

  68. Katie said:

    The Dolman Overcoat is so dreamy! I think that would be my ticket if I won.

  69. andrea said:

    Melie Bianco Alyssa bag. But what I really love are the Left on Houston Outlook Sweater in Charcoal in Pendleton Portland Collection Dolman Overcoat. I’m going to check Adorn out the next time I’m in portland!

  70. Katherine Ross said:

    Oooh yes please! I would probably get a piece of jewelry… the Roost Aurora Brass Knotted Bead Necklace is particularly lovely.

  71. Meg said:

    What a perfect giveaway for this season!

  72. carly dolan said:

    Either the ram’s head wallet or House of Harlow earrings!

  73. Rebecca said:

    Such a lovely shop!

  74. Ashley said:

    I just moved to Portland and would love to add the Pendleton Portland Collection Knockabout Cardigan to my winter wardrobe!

  75. Robin said:

    Ooh! I like Adorn’s QSW Skyscraper Blouse. Also would get a thing or two for my husband.

  76. Laura said:

    The Pendleton Portland Collection Bishop Coat is one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I have ever seen. This is without a doubt what I would buy!

  77. Gabrielle said:

    I would put it toward the semicircle skirt in copper worsted (the color is gorgeous), or the double pocket shirt in plaid navy for my husband.

  78. Allison said:

    I would get the Betsy & Iya Sandstorm Necklace!

  79. johanna said:

    i recently discovered Adorn’s website and absolutely love their ethics and doing business with them–so rare in this online world! i would love to win this Giveaway and would put it towards the Pendleton Umbrella or a Prairie Underground item (a top-Ballet t or hall of Mirrors :)

  80. sarah said:

    oooh, I’d do free people’s folklore sweater coat! =) Thanks for the opportunity to play – I’m actually going to be in Portland this weekend!

  81. madison said:

    pretty much anything in the men’s section for my guy. perfect christmas presents!

  82. indreams said:

    i would totally go for two of the roost ebony textured twist bracelet…such a great design, and fantastic for summer or winter, and i’d have one for each arm (sort of like gauntlets or something?).

    thanks for hosting the giveaway…dreaming is fun! :)

  83. Jessica M. said:

    I’d probably go for the Portland Clutch in Ram’s Horn…

  84. Cait Davis said:

    I bought a collection dress there last year, just love that place! Had my eye on a scarf this year:)

  85. Anna said:

    if it wasn’t sold out i’d spend it on the House of Harlow 1960 Evil Eye Disc Charm Necklace. BUT! I’m just as smitten with the QSW Skyscraper Blouse

  86. Jennifer C said:

    So much great stuff. I would get the Silvania Bougainvilea Blouse in Eggplant.

  87. stephanie said:

    Ooooh cute stuff. I like the Coal The Florence NW in Ivory.

  88. cathy said:

    I am a sucker for pendleton so I would go with
    The Pendleton Portland Collection Canyonville Tote in Painted Hills Multi

  89. Katrina Cloyd said:

    Hi! Love your site and LOVE Shop Adorn! I am luck enough to be a Portlander, so I can swing by and dream whenever I want. I would most absolutely use the gift card on the House of Harlow Crater Locket, so cool!

  90. Christy said:

    I’d get a RVCA wallet and the Coal Julietta hat in black! so many choices.

  91. Pakayla said:

    The new Pendleton collection is irresistible! I’ve especially got my eye on the anorak. Such a perfect laying piece for those chilly Manhattan winter nights. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  92. Lindsey C. said:

    Those House of Harlow Jordana shades need to be mine!

  93. Norma said:

    I want to buy everything from Adorn!

  94. Maria said:

    Everything is so cute, especially the cardigans.

  95. Alex said:

    some warm winter gear! loving the hats and scarves

  96. Liz said:

    So much to love. I’ve a list of 27 things that I’m trying to reduce to one. I think the one is probably the Pendleton Clutch… I’m just not sure which color yet…

  97. Emily E said:

    I love the painted hills black tote and Pendelton umbrellas!

  98. Anna Emilia said:

    Nice earrings they have.

    Hello, you have a nice new layout!

    First winter greetings from Finland!

  99. Jessica Peltan said:


  100. dawn said:

    Ahh, the jewelry….