six years + a new look


on Sunday I celebrated the start of my sixth year of blogging.  six years, my friends.  I know I say with each passing year that I can’t believe where blogging has taken me, but I’m still so humbled.  who would have ever thought?  last year, I included a round up of emotional and life changing events that I’ve shared with you over the years, from meeting my husband to having a baby.

and this year?  we made a big move and I finally redesigned the blog.  I’ve been sitting on a new look since March and tying down my in-house developer was a lot harder than I thought!  but we worked extra hard this weekend and cranked it out.  Kathryn Murray wrote the calligraphy for the new logo and Lauren Spencer King beautifully painted the watercolor used throughout the site and some special tags that I’ll be using over the holiday season.

with the new design also comes change.  don’t worry, not too much change, but I feel like the blog needs to evolve into something that I’m still as proud of as I was back when it began.  I’ve planned on integrating regular features which will pop up over the next few months.  I’m no longer blogging on Little Things {though the archives will stay there} so look out for some minimal mini content here as well.  also, look out for more personal posts and original content.  with the sea of sameness out there, it only seems right to blog about things that suit me.  and my life!

so as always – thank you for reading and thank you for continuing to help Unruly Things grow into what it’s become.  I think you’ll like where we’re heading and I hope you’re excited.  cheers to six years!

{top photo by Anne Parker and a special shout out to my main man. I couldn’t have done it without you!! xx}

14 Responses to “six years + a new look”

  1. Casey said:

    This is beautiful! Love the style and layout! Great job!

  2. Koseli said:

    It looks beautiful and fresh. I’ve been a secret fan for several years but had to pop in and say I love the redesign so much. Can’t wait for the next 6! originalarchiving.com

  3. ethanollie said:

    it looks just great, so clean. it must have been fun working on our logo…i can see the influences your evolved tastes had on it now. love it!

  4. Anne said:

    The site looks great, Alyson! Congratulations on six years. :)

  5. lauren said:

    i was just wondering about this, and thought i would pop over and… LOOK!
    you have a whole NEW look! ;) finally! it’s all looks amazing! can’t wait to see more of the watercolors in action!
    hope you are well and enjoying autumn

  6. amber said:

    The site looks lovely! Congratulations on such an impressive milestone — and all of the life events that have taken place over the course of the last six years, too.


  7. Sally Mae said:

    Yay! Fresh and enviable. :)

  8. sara said:

    site looks so great… love it!
    just wanted to pop by and say hi… i always read but… you know… don’t always have a free hand to comment… xx

  9. Kish said:

    I’ve always had you in my reader, so I very rarely visited the site. Gorgeous – love the calligraphy and have always loved your style :) Best! K