we’re off to chicago


hi friends!  I’m off for a trip to the Windy City tomorrow with a quick stop in Portland on the way.  my Dad is visiting from the Philippines and we’re so excited!  we’ll be in Chicago for 5 days.  we’ve already got a busy agenda but I’d love to know your must-do things and must-visit spots for the city!

AND it’s just me and Wolf.  my Dad will be with us but still… I’m incredibly anxious for flying without Levi and with a busy, busy toddler who will be sitting in my lap.  yikes.  I’ve got an arsenal of plane activities planned but last minute advice would be appreciated!

you can follow along on our trip via Instagram if you’d like!  I might pop in between now and Thanksgiving but if I don’t, I hope you have a happy, happy day.  soak in time with family and indulge on yummy foods.  I’ve got some VERY exciting news to share with you regarding a certain project I’ve been working on, plus gift guides!!  until then…  xx

{photo by Mary Wells}


14 Responses to “we’re off to chicago”

  1. Naomi said:

    I loved the “Architectural Boat Tour!” and the view from the top of the Hancock Building, both help with city navigation. Have fun!

  2. celia said:

    snacks. lots and LOTS of snacks. also, if you’re not against it, our ipad typically gives us a good hour (on and off) of calm.

    • alyson said:

      thanks!! yes, I’ve got a LOT of apps on my phone. and new snacks!

  3. Katherine Ross said:

    Yay Chicago!!! I think you would really like Bow Truss coffee roasters on Broadway. And (if you’re feeling crazy) you have to try ALL the donuts at Glazed and Infused… if you want just a taste, I highly recommend the maple bacon long john. Have fun!

  4. Jennifer said:

    Wrap all the different plane activities. The wrapping itself is exciting, and the unwrapping takes up some time!! Space out the unveiling of said wrapped gifts saving a special one in case of emergency :)

  5. Madeleine said:

    Lula Cafe
    Longman & Eagle
    The Bristol
    Publican Quality Meats
    Big Star
    Au Cheval
    Sable Kitchen
    Nature Museum/Lincoln Park Zoo
    MCA/Art Institute
    John Hancock/Willis Tower
    Damen (between Webster and North Ave)
    Division (between Ashland and Damen Ave)
    Have fun in our beautiful city!

  6. Gemma said:

    I loved Chicago when we visited a few years back. We went in September and have great memories of the architectural boat tour, the cloud gate, and sitting having a drink at the top of the Hancock Building. Have a great trip!

    I’m excited to find out more about the project you’ve been working on and always happy to see some more gift guides – I’ve been working on some of my own this year, the first one went up last Friday.

  7. Kelsey said:

    Madeline was on point with food reccomendations! Can’t say enough fantastic things about Lula Cafe, Longman & Eagle and Big Star. Also check out Myopic Books — a great used book store you can spend hours in, and Penelope’s — they’ve got the cutest clothes & accessories. And of course, you have to go to Millennium Park and take your picture in the Bean.

    I visited Chicago for the first time last month, and I am already anticipating a return visit!

  8. rebecca said:

    oh fun! The architectural tour is fantastic and shouldn’t be missed! the weather should be ok for the next five days too! Some good restaurants were listed above (there are SO many) but I would add Chilam Balam on Broadway, Birchwood on North Ave. for brunch, and Xoco on Clark (Rick Bayless). A walk on the lake is always a good idea; there is a lot to see right on the water near Lincoln Park. Star Lounge for amazing Dark Matter coffee is great and Division street is fun for walking around and shopping (that is where they hold Renegade every year and the brick and mortar store is there). There is also a gangster tour which I have heard good things about :). Have fun! Looking forward to pics!

  9. Linnea said:

    for cozy and delicious french food, go to La Sardine. they’re amazing and on tuesdays (i think) they offer a great price for their prix fixe menu. i always get the poached salmon.

    and, go to longman & eagle for a fancy and hip cocktail.

  10. Maslinda said:

    Chicago…I think you’re gonna have such a good time..Lovely places to eat..amazing pics can be taken..Have a great time there, Alyson!!

  11. Megan said:

    As a beer enthusiast, you must go to Hopleaf. It’s newly renovated and they offer an incredible selection of beers and delicious food to go along with it. Hot Chocolate in Wicker Park is great for comfort food and I must agree with Madeleine on Lula Cafe, Big Star, and Publican. Also try Avec if you have time — delicious French small plates. Also, Wicker Park and Logan Square for cute boutiques.

    Have fun!