bridge & burn, fall/winter


Bridge & Burn is one of my long time favorites out of Portland.  I’m always anxious to see what they roll out with next.  the line has expanded so much over the years from simply outerwear to now include dresses and sweaters.

I love the styling from these shots from their Fall/Winter photoshoot.  the photos were shot in Forest Park and make me ache for the mossy evergreen forests in Portland.  Bridge & Burn is about to open their first retail space in Downtown Portland this month – exciting!  check out their online shop for more goodness.


*Bridge & Burn is a sponsor to Unruly Things but this is not a sponsored post.  I love posting about companies that are doing their thing and doing it well and Bridge & Burn does just that.  they’ve inspired me for years and I hope you love them too!*

3 Responses to “bridge & burn, fall/winter”

  1. Trang said:

    Love their line. I even got my boyfriend a Bridge & Burn Jacket for Christmas!

  2. Koseli Cummings said:

    I hadn’t heard of Bridge & Burn before. Lovely. And it looks very high quality. Thank you for sharing!
    P.S. Love your blog. You create such lovely original and curated content. It’s a daily read for me.