gift guide : something for the kiddos


last year when it came to giving gifts to Wolf, he was much more interested in the wrapping than the actual gifts themselves.  this year he’s beginning to get it.  {and knows which toys are new!  sayonara old toys.}  needless to say, I’m pretty stoked to see his little eyes light up at each of his new acquisitions.  we’ve made a very small list of ideas for him but here’s a list to entertain all kiddos, big and small.

one : cashmere baby blanket, for soft new skin / two : soprano ukulele, for tiny fingers / three : star scarf, to keep toasty / four : mukluk moccasins, for warm feet / five : little knot bow tie, for stylish gatherings / six : mono cat, for a new friend / seven : classic balance bike, for exploring / eight : a little kitchen, for pretend play / nine : beautiful blocks, for motorskills in training / ten : tattly tattoos, for acting tough

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{watercolor gift tag by Lauren Spencer King for Unruly Things}


4 Responses to “gift guide : something for the kiddos”

  1. size too small said:

    the kitchen set is amazing. i can see my little man spending lots of time there.

  2. Maslinda said:

    I love this guitar for those tiny cutie fingers.. <3 Thanks for sharing, Alyson <3

  3. Sally Mae said:

    At first I thought those geometric blocks were crayons. Did you post about those once on ULT? I would love to pick some up for my little guy…he keeps breaking/eating the regular crayons!

    • alyson said:

      yes!! the crystal crayons! I found them at Michaels and they’re perfect for chubby little hands.