il bisonte

il bisonte

I first posted about Il Bisonte a while ago but keep coming across their beautiful leather goods and swooning.  aren’t they stunning?

Mill Mercantile has a gorgeous collection, including lots of other well curated goodies as well!  it’s quickly become one of my favorite spots for inspiration.

3 Responses to “il bisonte”

  1. Maslinda said:

    This is such a lovely collection!! Thank you so much for uploading this, Alyson, especially now that we need some good ideas for our friends’s gifts!!

  2. {gemmifer} said:

    I am old enough to have envied my friends’ Il Bisonte bags in high school back in the late 80s. I still haven’t added one to my collection, but it is a goal. I especially love the natural leather bags; they get such a nice patina over time.