right this second…

unruly things right this second

it’s beginning to look a lot like:

I’m excited to:
get our Christmas tree this weekend!
decorate and have the whole house smell like fir.
see Wolf’s reaction to Santa.

I’ve been listening to:
this winter wonderland mix I made.  have a listen, and enjoy!

as you can tell, I’m feeling extra wintery this week.  we’ve got snow in the forecast and lots of Christmasing planned.  it’s the gift guides, I tell ya.  they’re so fun to create and really get me in the holiday mood.  I’ve got a few more scheduled for next week so if you’re still hunting for gifts {last minute like I always am} stay tuned!!  happy weekend, friends.

{photo from anne parker}



2 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Anne said:

    Did you cut down your Christmas tree in the forest, too? Last year was the first time I had actually done it, and you just have to get a $5 permit from the Forest Service to do it the proper way. And it’s so much fun! Especially when there’s a hot beverage and picnic on the hood of the car involved.

    • alyson said:

      we didn’t. I’d wanted to!! but Levi convinced me that since we have so may ponderosas here that we would have to hike to find a good fir. next year – we’re hiking to find a good one!