52 weeks of Wolf : 04.52


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

this has been a tough week.  and there’s one thing I know for sure – I am not a fan of molars.  a trip to the dentist last week confirmed that Wolf’s two year molars are starting to make their way in.  and he feels it… badly.  poor kid.  he’s been whining and crying and just not happy.  he’s woken up at night every night this week and of course, we’re feel it too.  we’ve all been tired and cranky and a little impatient.  I’m thankful for quiet moments this week.  and I’m thankful that I can still manage to make him giggle between the tears.

8 Responses to “52 weeks of Wolf : 04.52”

  1. Ruby Hoppen said:

    Oh no! It’s the hardest thing isn’t it? I hope he starts feeling better.

  2. Emily Doukogiannis said:

    Alyson I love reading your blog and can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this project. Finally a project I can stick. Happy Birthday and thanks again.


    • alyson said:

      thanks Emily! we had one and he was wearing it all the time … until … he discovered how to chew the beads off. urg.

  3. Kylie said:

    Teething pain is not fun for any one. Hang in there. Have you tryed amber beads. I swore by them when my little man was teething.

  4. maxabella said:

    Such beautiful colours in your picture. I’m sorry Wolf is going through the dreaded molar stage. Just thinking about pushing teeth out into my own gums makes me wince! It will be over soon enough, though. Best wishes that it’s soon soon! x