bite & sip : chocolate stout cake

chocolate stout cake

another cake this week.  I know, I know, tempting you right?  the truth is, I hardly cooked anything exciting this week and this one I haven’t made… yet.  I’m hoping {with fingers and toes crossed} that someone might see this and whip it up for me this weekend.  this Saturday I’ll be adding on another year and Chocolate Stout Cake seems like an appropriate birthday cake.  with a sweet stout to pair with it, of course.

what’s your favorite birthday cake?  his is carrot cake.

{photo from Bon Appétit}


4 Responses to “bite & sip : chocolate stout cake”

    • alyson said:

      I’m so glad you posted that one! I was thinking I wanted cream cheese frosting but wasn’t sure if it would work or not. passing that recipe on to the baker. :)

  1. rox said:

    my favorite cake is carrot too! which says a lot…considering I’m not a cake person whatsoever. (ps- I just stumbled into your blog…and absolutely love the design/look/feel of it!)

  2. Gemma said:

    I haven’t made a chocolate layer cake for a long time, think I might need to fix that soon!