bite + sip : love drunk rosé


last week, I received a bottle Love Drunk rosé, the newest vintage from the winemakers at Mouton Noir.  we sampled it mid day on Sunday, while Wolf was napping, and found it to be quite delicious!!

before I found myself deeply in love with craft beer, I was quite the wine connoisseur.  however, in all the different wines that I’ve sampled, I can’t say I’ve had too many rosé and this one I found quite good!  it was bright & crisp, and in a blind tasting I may not have guessed rosé at all.  my typical idea of a rosé is to be pretty and pink and sweet and this was pretty, but not too sweet.  over all, a delightful wine I’d recommend picking up if you get the chance.

plus, the name is quite fitting for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?


3 Responses to “bite + sip : love drunk rosé”

  1. Jane said:

    What a great find for Valentine’s Day! Great name for a wine and love the label graphic.

  2. Gemma said:

    If you ever see a rosé from Bandol it is definitely worth trying – usually not too sweet, more mineral than fruit if that makes sense.

  3. Jade said:

    have you ever tried “fat bastard” rosé? its taste is equally as delicious as its name! i recommend. we had a lot of it at our wedding.