bite + sip : roasted vegetable and refried bean tostadas

Roasted Vegetable and Refried Bean Tostadas

do you pin?  well, duh.  of course you do.  do you follow me?  you should because one of my resolutions {not necessarily a recent one since it started way back last year} was to cook more.  I cook dinner ever night but I’d gotten into a rut where I’d make the same thing every week.  tacos again, anyone?  so I’d resolved to branch out and really cook like I used to.  I started using Pinterest to help me catalog things I’d tried or planned on trying.  I created two boards : BITE and SIP.  and just so you know I’m not cooking tacos every night again, I thought I’d start a weekly series on UT to share recipe ideas with you.

first up – tostadas!  ok, so they’re really close to tacos but totally different!  plus, they were really good and so simple.  I like those kind of meals.

{photo by Aya Brackett for Real Simple}

7 Responses to “bite + sip : roasted vegetable and refried bean tostadas”

  1. Carrie said:

    mmm, I’m excited for this new feature!!

  2. michelle said:

    I’m terrible at cooking. my husband usually does it all. but these sound like something I could cook!

  3. Sally Mae said:

    Exciting! I started posting recipes and meals on my blog to help me stay organized and meal plan, but I’ve thought about doing something more like this so I can remember what recipes I like and will make again. You rock, as usual!

  4. Kate said:

    This is one of my 2013 goals, too, so ill definitely be keeping an eye out here! My problem us leftovers – my boyfriend is super weird about eating food heated up, and I never know what he’ll go for and what he won’t touch. I’ve got to get pinning!

  5. Jen said:

    I feel the same way – especially cooking for 5. We seem to have the same staples every week and I’ve made a goal to cooking more vegan this year.

  6. C said:

    Planning meals & getting inspired is seriously the hardest part for me. The cooking I actually enjoy so thank you for sharing – I’m excited to see what you pin!

  7. Olga said:

    Thanks for posting this, and your lovely pinterest board! I already made the tostadas for dinner on Sunday (easy and good, as advertised) and plan on making a few things I saw on your board soon too! Meal planning is the bane of my existence. I am always making new things and cook almost all the meals that my little family eat, but I feel that I spend way too much time looking at recipes all over the place and planning what to cook and too much time in the kitchen and am constantly looking for ways to “streamline and simplify”. Looking at your pinterest board, I think I have a very similar taste to yours, so it makes it way easier for me to narrow down recipes. Again, thanks for this post, and I would love to learn more about how you manage the feeding of your family!