little things : kiddo tunes

dancing kiddos

Wolf loves to dance.  he’ll stand in front of the stereo system and excitedly yell, “SONG! SONG!” and then bounce and spin in place when his songs come on.  while he tends to love all tunes with a good beat, he’s definitely expressed a genuine love for certain songs.  good thing they’re all songs that are adult approved.

wanna hear some his favorite jams?

Wolf Teeth by JD McPherson – seriously his all time favorite.  actually, he loves this entire album.


I Spy by Mikhael Paskalev


That Certain Female by Charlie Feathers

{top photo by Jamie Street}


2 Responses to “little things : kiddo tunes”

  1. rachel said:

    Your man has some good taste. My five year-old always wants to hear/ have me sing “Girl Downtown” by Hayes Carll and every time he requests it I can’t believe how much I love him for it. Though his second favorite song is “On Top of Spaghetti” so…

  2. Haley said:

    wolf has great taste! love jd mcpherson!