right this second…


I’m looking forward to:
breakfast at CHOW.
yummy birthday cake.
spending an afternoon with this pretty lady.
finally having more snow in the forecast.

I’m wishing for:
this diamond bracelet.
this star ring.
a beautiful Navajo rug.
denim midi shorts.
a new pair of shades.
this book and this book, too.

I’m loving:
this cat.
animated GIFs – WOW.
this brass double-hinged mirror.
more cakes.

happy Friday, friends!  I’m off to celebrate my birthday weekend.

{photo from marburi}

2 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Jen said:

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday!

  2. Sally Mae said:

    Have a great birthday!! Yay! Also, your friend’s design site is amazing…I’m super jealous of all you ladies. ;) And, I will definitely be showing the animated GIFs to my 6th grade art students. Thanks for the find!