the weekly ring : multi-stone


I love these multi-stone rings so much.  wouldn’t they be a beautiful yet unusual take on a traditional one stone engagement ring?


{from mociun, via lena corwin}


8 Responses to “the weekly ring : multi-stone”

  1. Claire said:

    I meant to comment on your Weekly Ring post, but I am so excited for this series. I love your Pinterest jewelry board, and I can’t wait to be introduced to new designers. I also expect some disappointment over all these beautiful pieces I can’t afford (but that’s okay/there are more important things/etc.). I love the color combination son these rings. I’ve seen Mociun’s pieces before, and they’re all amazing. These are no exception!

  2. Mfree said:

    Completely agree! The one with the hint of turquoise is to die for!

  3. Gemma said:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I adore Caitlin’s work and was lucky enough to get one of her rings as an engagement ring just a few days before our June elopement in New York, I have barely taken it off since.

  4. Katherine | Gathered Heart said:

    I’m with Krystal… these would be great with children’s birthstones! Love the warm tones in that third ring.

  5. Jessica said:

    My engagement ring is a custom Mociun, similar to these but with blue-green sapphire, aquamarine and red diamond!! Had pinned one a while back and my fiance did a great job of finding her out! Caitlin is the absolute sweetest and so incredibly talented! (@dina – mociun.com)

  6. katie said:

    those are lovely!

    i would say “yes” to any one of them.