52 weeks of Wolf : 05.52


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Mr. Independent!!  this week I took Wolf to the park and we walked along the river.  most days he’ll let me hold his hand but he definitely knows the difference between hand holding when we’re walking into the grocery store and hand holding when we’re on an awesome walk along the river.  and he can run!!  and explore!!  and pick up rocks to throw and put in his mouth… yea, we’re working on that one.

4 Responses to “52 weeks of Wolf : 05.52”

  1. Kirsty said:

    Such a great photo of exploring. And a perfect name for an adventurer!

  2. Ruby Hoppen said:

    The rock thing doesn’t go away… believe me, you’ve just got to teach him to “share” rocks by giving them to other people rather than throwing them!

  3. Jana said:

    Ha! I am familiar with the Stuff in the Mouth thing! My little Turkey is coming up to 22 months and every once and a while I’ll catch him sneaking something in there!