52 weeks of Wolf : 06.52


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

the other day I decided to dig my beloved keyboard out of it’s hiding spot in the garage and let Wolf play.  he flipped.  and even though most of the time he’s playing with the metronome or plopping down on the low notes with the volume all the way up, I think he’s really appreciating it.  he dances when I play or he sits down next to me and we bang out a little duet.  I have no idea when he’ll actually be able to understand the piano or let me teach him a few things but I can’t wait.

4 Responses to “52 weeks of Wolf : 06.52”

  1. Astred * Design Cherry said:

    What a great idea to introduce your little one to making music so early. It’s such a vital language (I think anyway!). Here’s to a life long love of bashing out some tunes!

  2. Ruby Hoppen said:

    Cool. We’ve got a keyboard too, maybe we could start a baby-keys band? I’ve always wanted to be a stage mum ;)

  3. Sheila@Chinaberry said:

    I agree with Rachel. I think exposing babies to music makes magic. We have a piano and I love hearing my boys playing! Or even just tinkering. Yay to music!