bite + sip : island fruits


we’re in the Philippines right now and each time we’ve been here, I look forward to the food.  I took this photo the first time we were here of some of the different fruits we tasted.  I was amazed, as I still am, at all the different varieties of fruits that aren’t readily available in the US.  there’s even a fruit that smells so badly that it’s banned in many places in SE Asia.  my favorite is the Philippine mango – nothing beats it!!  coming up in a close second is the mangosteen.  have you tasted any of these fruits?  what do you think?

you can see the original photo here where I’ve labeled each different fruit.

8 Responses to “bite + sip : island fruits”

  1. chau said:

    I love mangosteen. I couldn’t eat enough when I went to Vietnam – so much so that I cut my finger while cutting the fruit too quickly. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Dee said:

    I am from here in Manila, and I love my fruits!! Mangosteen is the best, and there’s nothing like our mangoes :) Try green mangoes with “bagoong” (fermented shrimp). It will change your life :)

  3. Asri said:

    I am from Indonesia but have been in Kentucky for 23094823908 years, it feels like without these delicious fruits! Personally I love the rambutan. Reminds me of home. I’m envious of you!
    I pinned this picture on pinterest.com/anmumpuni :)

  4. Gloria said:

    Haha I’m still too scared to try durians. I was actually disappointed by how bland dragonfruit tastes, since it looks so crazy & outrageous!

  5. rebecca said:

    yes to all mangosteen praise. i love the flavor and especially the contrast of the leathery purple outside to the pure white jewels inside. dragon fruit are neat too… mostly for their striking looks, but they remind me too much of a rambunctious boat trip i once took in vietnam. not the fruit’s fault, i suppose.

  6. Marji said:

    Ooh the textures and colors of tropical fruits…I remember the lanzones and tamarinds. Have you tried “atis?”You’ll be busy manipulating the seeds but I liked them. And my fave are the green mangoes-mouth watering and sour tasting. Nothing like fresh coconut as well. Enjoy!

  7. Terrie said:

    Hi, Alyson! :)

    I am loving your site! I got to it from a link in Joanna Goddard’s blog. I’m a Filipina but I’m working in Singapore right now. Your posts on the Philippines are making me terribly homesick! I’m especially craving Philippine mango right now, after looking at the picture on this post! It’s the best mango variety, in my opinion!

    Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents’ worth: I assume the stinky fruit you’re referring to is the durian? Oh, it’s stinky all right, but I don’t know about the banned part. From what I know and experienced, it’s pretty much common all over Southeast Asia. Here in Singapore, there’s even a “durian crepe” — yes, you guessed it: the filling has durian in it, haha — and durian-flavoured chocolates. ;)

    Thanks for the posts! And I love your blog!