bite + sip : my favorite beers


if you know me well, you know I’ve got a serious love of beer.  it all began many moons ago when I met a my handsome bearded fellow.  I drank cans of a certain mainstream pale lager like it was my job and he said no more.  he forced me to expand my palette and boy am I glad he did.  now I can’t imagine drinking cans of that certain pale lager and I can say I’ve tasted well over 500 different beers.  while I’m always looking for more to try, I definitely have my favorites.  here’s a few that are constantly on rotation in our house:

Hopworks Survival Stout – hands down, one of my all time favorite brews.  if you get the chance to visit the brewery in Portland, have one on tap.  it’s mighty tasty.
Southern Tier Black Water Series – OMG, these beers are UNREAL.  they’re like chocolate syrup goodness in a bottle.
Logsdon Farmhouse Ales – I just recently tried one of these beers for the first time and was wowed.  they’re tart and sometimes sour but so excellent.  my favorite has been the Peche ‘n’ Brett, brewed with organic peaches.
Boneyard RPM IPA – if you get the chance to make it to Bend, this IPA is a must try.  Boneyard doesn’t bottle their beer as far as I know and I’ll be so sad if we ever move from Bend.  this IPA has become my staple beer and good thing most of the restaurants in Bend have it in their rotating kegs.
Maui Brewing La Perouse White – everything I’ve had from Maui Brewing is really great but this one is just perfect.
Deschutes Mirror Pond – if we’re looking to get a 6 pack of beer rather than a single 22, we like to get something from Deschutes – and it’s not just because we’re living in Bend, Deschutes home town!  Mirror Pond is my favorite though I love Black Butte Porter and Chainbreaker as well.

what are your favorite beers?  I’d love to know.

{photo from aya brackett}

26 Responses to “bite + sip : my favorite beers”

  1. melissa said:

    these are great! we visited Oregon a few summers back and had some beer from Deschutes. I didn’t like the IPA but IPA is generally too bitter for me anyway. but I did like the Porter.

  2. Andrew said:

    It’s like you read my mind. ALL great beers! Cheers!

    • alyson said:

      I’ve never had that but one of my friends in FL orders it by the case. dying to taste it!

      • Lexie said:

        Abita Strawberry Ale tastes like fruity pebbles beer! In the BEST WAY!

  3. Callie Avis said:

    Anything by Bells. They are out of Michigan. My favorite is Two Hearted Ale

    • alyson said:

      mmm, Bells – the stout kings!! sadly, they don’t distribute in Oregon. I love the Expedition and Java stouts.

  4. Steph said:

    Founders Double Trouble. It’s a magical, complex IPA from a Michigan brewery. If you’re ever in the midwest, seek it out!

    I also adore Deschutes- their Jubelale this year was fantastic. We even tried to homebrew a clone of it.

  5. Jessica said:

    You can’t go wrong with Deschutes! If you’re even in Seattle in the spring try the Elysian Jasmine IPA, it’s so great…no too much jasmine.

  6. sulu-design said:

    If you ever leave Bend to return to Portland, you’ll be happy to find that Boneyard IPA is on tap at a lot of bars and restaurants here. In fact, I had a pint of it last weekend at Clyde Common. I also really like several beers from Portland’s Upright Brewing (I love their #6 Rye), I’m currently digging the Oatmeal Pale Ale from Burnside Brewing (they have great seasonals, too) and I like several of the beers from Bend’s 10 Barrel. I do love it when you post about beer!

    • alyson said:

      ah!! good to know! I originally had Upright on my list here but thought nah, too many Oregon beers, must take one off! I love love their beer, perhaps one of my favorite breweries. we had a keg of the Four at our wedding!

  7. petra said:

    Noble stout!
    There is a local coffee place called Noble Coffee here in Ashalnd, OR that brews a wonderful beer. Their coffee is amazing too :)

    • alyson said:

      coffee + beer = amazing combo in my opinion! {the stout from Hopworks listed above has Stumptown coffee in it!}

  8. Katrina said:

    Hooray for Oregon beers! Double Mountain in Hood River, OR makes some of my favorites. Their Kolsch is the perfect summer beer, and their Kriek is amazing. Their IRA is also delicious! Pretty much everything they make is great.

  9. Jillian said:

    If you do visit Portland (saw the post above) and go to Burnside Brewing, my brother is a brewer there, his first brew is coming out in March. It’s a biere de garde with muscovado sugar and cocoa nibs. You should try it!

    • alyson said:

      mmm, that sounds delicious. I’m addicted to Sweet Heat from Burnside Brewing! it’s so amazing.

      • Amanda said:

        Sweet Heat won a gold medal in the fruit beers category at the Great American Beer Festival this last October…..it is a pretty amazing beer.

        On the subject of stouts and Boneyard…..they periodically brew an awesome espresso stout called Backbone…..and have an acclaimed barrel aged imperial stout, “Sughe Knight.”

  10. Allison said:

    Great list, my bearded man also got me into beer!

  11. s. eileen said:

    Great Divide..Rumble (ipa)
    whaaat. so much flavor…that lingers….in a good way.

  12. Mfree said:

    Being from Southern California, Craftsman is very dear to my stomach. They have an Edgars Ale they put out in the fall that is sooooo rich and creamy. Also their 1903 is excellent. I’m also a big Aventinus fan.

  13. sarah said:

    New Belgium’s Lips of Faith Cocoa Mole Ale (chocolate + chili … ale!) I love the heat that builds with each sip of this delicious, chocolatey beer! And as an ale, it’s not quite as heavy as a chocolate stout. Awesome. Still sitting on my last three bottles from last year’s limited release.

    Elysian’s Great Pumpkin. Does pumpkin beer count?? This one was SO GOOD this year, definitely the best of all the pumpkin beers I had this year. In fact, it was so good (and selling so fast) that Elysian had to pull it in September – crazy, right? We have a few bottles left that we put up to ration through the winter when our favorite beer guy filled us in on what was happening.

    Also, the oh-so-elusive Malheur 10 (I have not been able to find it in Seattle for years), Krušovice černý, Alaskan Brewing Co’s Smoked Porter, and this great brown ale my local import shop gets from Poland (alas, forgetting the name right now!)

  14. tamara said:

    I LOVE Boneyard’s beers–I am a dark or hoppy beer girl all the way, but I loved their seasonal Wit when i tried it at the brewery a couple of summers ago. They told me then that they were working toward canning for distribution in OR/WA. And you can usually find at least one of their beers on draft at better beer bars in Eugene and Portland : ) Some of my other favorites are Black Butte, Double Mountain IRA, and Terrapin (a GA beer not avail. in OR) Hopsecutioner. I’m also a sucker for Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout when it’s available, and another GA beer, Wild Heaven’s Ode to Mercy, is unique and amazing, if you’re ever in the southeast.

  15. cleartrampoline said:

    Lately I’m really loving sour beers. Solera Brewery in Parkdale, Oregon makes some really great ones!

  16. Becka said:

    I was also a pale lager drinker before I met my husband (also bearded), and I guess I didn’t even really know if I liked beer then. Now, I love beer and I love that I have a better understanding of what I like and what to look for. Since moving back to New Zealand from Vancouver I really enjoyed trying out lots of the new microbrews that have popped up, and figuring out which of the old standards I actually do like. There’s one called Chocolate Moose that is insanely delicious, dark and a hint of vanilla that I really love. And Sun God, a wheat beer by R & B in Vancouver that I had a very hard time leaving – ha!

  17. angela j said:

    We’ve lived in central California for 10+ years and Firestone has really grown on me -the newer local brew, 805, is delish.
    However, I was born and raised in Michigan and my husband, son and I are moving back there in a couple of months. I can tell you that I’m beyond excited to get back to my Bell’s Oberon this summer.