bite + sip : the best tomato sauce ever


I first spotted this recipe on Smitten Kitchen ages ago and wasn’t reminded of it until Kristina posted about it recently.  Molly’s made it, too.  let me tell you folks.  it’s so good I’ve made it twice this week.  and I’ll probably make more every time I need tomato sauce because it’s just that easy.

kid friendly, you ask?  have a look for your self.

{top photo from Orangette, video by me.  and in case you’re wondering, he says “fork it” in the middle of the video – not some other 4 letter F word.}

5 Responses to “bite + sip : the best tomato sauce ever”

  1. Lauren Shek said:

    It appears you and I follow all the same blogs! Made me laugh out loud! Now I want to go make some sauce. I’ve used that recipient before and it is a great go-to!

  2. LaurenT said:

    Thanks for sharing AlyG, I can’t wait to try!!

  3. kimi said:

    Oh my goodness! This is adorable. And, yes, I’ve made that sauce too and I just love it. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are well.

  4. Jo said:

    I love this sauce!! I teach it in my kids’ cooking camp and it is always a hit! We make ricotta too and then combine it all into stuffed shells. It thrills me to see my students gobbling it all up