guest post : sweet jams


while my family and I are enjoying fun in the sun in the Philippines, I’ve asked a few of my favorite ladies to contribute a little guest post for Unruly Things.  this awesome mix is from the lovely Kate Miss

I’ve been working on this particular mix for quite a while, an ever-evolving collection of songs I put on to relax a bit to – whether it be while working or just hanging out at home. Some new, some old, some that I’ve put on more than one mix in the past. I imagine I’ll keep adding it it on Spotify, every time I hear a sweet jam that has that certain quality that fits. Happy listening!

Spotify : listen here
8tracks : listen here

thanks so much Kate!


3 Responses to “guest post : sweet jams”

  1. Mfree said:

    off topic question.. what font did you use for the title? I love the J!

  2. Puiu said:

    Really relaxing music, perfect for when you are tired and just want to chill out in your room.