the weekly ring : bario neal

bario neal

no doubt, you’ve probably heard of Bario Neal.  if not – head over to their site immediately and fall in love with their stunningly beautiful rings.  I sure have.  I’m head over heels for this one.

bario neal bario neal


4 Responses to “the weekly ring : bario neal”

  1. Mia said:

    I love their rings! My husband and I got our wedding bands from them, and they were super helpful, answering a million questions from me. I get complimented on my ring all the time.

  2. megan / petitely said:

    Oh. My. Word. I’ve never heard of Bario Neal, but now you’ve got me all obsessed! Can I have them all?!

  3. katie said:

    I absolutely adore my engagement ring. It’s the Avens ring, and I get compliments all the time! We just ordered our wedding bands from them about a week ago and I’m so excited for their arrival!

    • simone said:

      Katie you are the first person I’ve ever seen say they have the Avens ring! I absolutely adore the ring but have not been able to find any real life images on someone’s finger. Glad to hear you adore it. I have that ring on my wish list!